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Download ocPortal

Looking for addons and themes? Go to our community section.

If you do already have hosting, the next step is to transfer the installation files to your server. We can do this automatically with our “instant transfer” option, or you can save the files and upload them yourself.

We will ask for your FTP credentials and automatically transfer the latest stable ocPortal to your server over an encrypted connection.
(We never store your login details)


If you want to transfer the files yourself, or, if you do not have FTP access, use this option.


This package (“quick installer”) will self-extract on your server and automatically set all permissions.

Needs FTP or suEXEC on your server.

v9.0.21 | 15 Mb » Download

This is a zip containing all ocPortal files (several thousand). It is much slower, and only recommended if you do not have FTP access. Some chmodding is required.
Do not use this for upgrading.

v9.0.21 | 18 Mb » Download

Copying may take a few minutes. Please be patient.

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