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Moving forward with Composr

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main_forum_topics modification for a different view

On my forum I like to have a block in the main zone that shows 'new posts' a bit more compact than the standard main_forum_topics block does.   I had this in v7, and just  put it back in v9.

So this is the block:  

To me, this looks neater, and more concise.   And when a user clicks on the thread name, it takes them to the last post they read in the thread rather than the first post.

The following files are the modified files:


» Download: BLOCK_MAIN_FORUM_TOPICS.tpl (403 Bytes, 188 downloads so far)

» Download: BLOCK_MAIN_FORUM_TOPICS_TOPIC.tpl (539 Bytes, 203 downloads so far)

» Download: main_forum_topics.php (7 Kb, 193 downloads so far)

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