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Visual file comparison tool DiffMerge Tutorial

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Submitted by Jean

visual file comparison tool DiffMerge Tutorial by: Chris Graham


In this tutorial Chris Graham is using the DiffMerge utility to compare two template files. one, a v.7 modified template, and the second, a v.8 version which will be used to update the original file.

Chris Graham said

DiffMerge is a file comparison tool that shows the differences between two or three text files in a graphical side-by-side view. You can easily spot the parts that are different and choose to edit or merge them directly from inside the application. The program is highly configurable and allows you to create custom rules to determine how certain file types are compared, you can specify custom lines to omit, ignore white spaces and TABs, set custom context boundaries and more. DiffMerge can also be used to compare the content of two folders, showing you files that are different, identical or missing. Other features include Windows Explorer integration, customizable color schemes, filtering options, and more. 
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