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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

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ocProducts announces ocPortal 7 with HTML6

ocProducts announces ocPortal 7 with HTML6
Press release: 1st April 2011. ocProducts Ltd, Sheffield, United Kingdom

ocProducts is very proud to unveil ocPortal 7, the latest iteration of its leading ocPortal content management system (CMS). ocPortal 7 enables website administrators and developers to leverage a host of innovative new technologies to take ocPortal-driven websites to the next level.

Collaborating with Intel, ocProducts has developed the God of web-standards: HTML6. HTML6 takes website development in a powerful and radical direction, and coupled with Intel's new HTML6 Processing Chip, makes creating websites easier than ever.

HTML6 removes cumbersome requirements, such as the need to use the 'SHIFT' key when writing code. From release, editing ocPortal 7 will just require the use of the following characters: / \, replacing < and > respectively. For example, <p>Example Paragraph</p> becomes /p\Example Paragraph//p\. This innovative and time-saving alteration to HTML will ensure that developers spend less time writing code, and more time searching for Star Trek songs on YouTube.

HTML6 also adds more logic to the layout of a HTML website. Accompanying the existing tags of 'head' and 'body', we are replacing divs (div) with 'inards', paragraphs (p) with 'organs', and tables (table) with 'guts'. Now anyone can edit HTML6 by easily finding their way around ocPortal 7's new clear and logical templates.

The age-old CSS has also been replaced with a new 'brand style language'. Instead of writing hundreds of complex styles for each element in your design, simply tell ocPortal 7 the intended brand experience for the end-user. For example: inard { age: youthful; color: vibrant; feel: classy }.

ocPortal 6 introduced a new mobile theme, but this has been stripped out of ocPortal 7 and replaced with our magical 'Retina Goggles' hardware extension. Browsing on a mobile device while wearing 'Retina Goggles' will allow the user to discern 3x the pixel density than you can with the current iPhone 4 'retina display', eliminating the need for a separate mobile theme.

In order to support better compression, we are expanding the use of the HTML lang attribute for HTML6. It will now be used by browsers to interpret how text should be read and converted to the user's native language. We are converting or language pack from EN to TXTSPK, and our HTML will have lang="TXTSPK". This allow us to radically reduce the information density of ocPortal websites.

In order to save on expensive bandwidth fees, ocPortal 7 and all HTML6 browsers will ship with a standardised clipart pack, and a new URL schema will reference them. For example: /sight src="clipart: lolcat-6"/\

Similar to bundled clipart, we are bundling standard phrases in the specification that can be referenced simply. For example, instead of writing "Welcome to our website, we hope you enjoy your visit!", you can now just write "/spiel phrase="welcomePlatitudes"/".

This again improves compression levels, and decreases reading time as users will adapt to these standard phrases to skip over them more quickly whilst absorbing fully the intended message.

ocPortal 7 also standardises common webpage widgets where HTML5 failed to. We are introducing the new 'captcha' tag, written like /captcha value="g45dfd"/\. The server is then informed of the entered value and reaffirmed the requested value like any standard form input widget. The 'value' attribute is optional, if not entered the web browser will generate a random code and the requested and entered codes will be relayed in the same way.

With ocPortal 7 and HTML6, your websites will be taken to the next level. ocPortal 7 is the biggest upgrade since you switched from Drupal. For a small outlay of 1701 for Intel's HTML6 Processing Chip, and 746.56 for the 'Retina Goggles', any end user can experience the best of the new age of the Internet.

To get your hands on the developer preview of ocPortal 7, and experience HTML6 in action, please pay for, and activate, your 'developer account' here: Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund - GlobalGiving

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