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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap. Existing ocPortal member accounts have been mirrored.

ocPortal to Composr migration

ocPortal to Composr migration Dear users,

Composr CMS version 10 has now been released on our new site,

Composr is the direct successor to ocPortal, moving our whole platform forward with an overhauled architecture and brand. It is the result of years of work where we have reevaluated every aspect of what we do, making more improvements than we could possibly list. Composr is truly a modern platform for a modern web.

Composr 10 allows upgrading both from ocPortal versions 8 and 9. Upgrading is much like upgrading has been between ocPortal versions. Direct theme compatibility has not been maintained, however with some work v9 themes can be adapted.

I would like to thank our users for remaining patient during the long v10 development. It has taken a lot longer than we expected, but we got there in the end, with minimal complaints from users. We very much appreciate this. I would like to thank KingBast in particular, as he has taken the initiative to test our work on an ongoing basis over months. No doubt our beta is significantly more stable than it would have been without his help.


We will now be following a roadmap for the phasing out of ocPortal…

Date Status
February 2016 (today) Composr beta released
February 2016 (today) All users can login to with their existing accounts
February 2016 (today) Offer to ocPortal support customers to transfer unspent support credits to
April 2016 Composr v10 release candidates, and our recommendation that all new sites are developed with Composr rather than ocPortal
April 2016 Composr Mobile SDK released (our iOS/Android toolkit)
March 2017 Composr v10 final released
March 2017 Recommendation for ocPortal users to start migrating to Composr
April 2017 We promote migration to Composr in favour to providing ocPortal support services, and no longer expect our staff to be skilled in ocPortal
July 2017 No more ocPortal 8 releases, even if there are security holes found - and no more security patches
December 2017 No more ocPortal 9 releases, even if there are security holes found
February 2018 No more security patches for ocPortal 9

We plan for to remain open indefinitely, but gradually over time we expect users to migrate over to the community, and staff will visit the site less and less.

Changing business model for commercial work

Some time ago we stopped taking on new client projects so that we could clear our back-log and get Composr finished.

With the launch of Composr, we aren't just changing our product and brand, we are also changing our company's business model.

We now expect for the majority of projects that we will be recommending local development companies, rather than doing the work ourselves.

There are a number of reasons for this, but the main reason is that the web is no longer a world to itself, and websites are no longer simple. A serious website development needs to be carefully planned, with ongoing real-world meetings, ongoing work, and a serious business mind-set.

Given the changing nature of the world economy, the increase in website costs, and the increasing complexity, we feel it is better that local companies do this work rather than it being done online.

To this end, a part of the Composr website includes:
  1. streamlining the briefing process for projects, for efficient hand-overs
  2. listing development agencies world-wide (there is no cost to listing)
  3. us providing many high-quality tutorials that disseminate key project management skills to agencies, suitable for highly-complex CMS projects

We aim to raise the bar in our industry, and to make our money more on feature sponsorship and long-term engagements, than individual one-off projects.

To sum up, we are radically changing things how things are done to reflect the modern expectations in this era of startups and major web properties.

Updated: March 22nd 2017 - Composr was released after a much longer testing period than expected, and is very stable. Dates have been moved forward, and the next version (11) has turned into a much bigger release than originally conceived, so we've removed the tentative release date from the table above.

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