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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

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Support tickets: minimum credits

Support tickets: minimum credits We wanted to write briefly about how we handle our support tickets.

We have always had a minimum credit policy for handling support tickets. This is because even for simple questions we need to:
  1. refresh our knowledge of our customer's website
  2. properly take in the customer scenario(s)
  3. discuss scenario(s) with our customer, often slightly beyond the scope of the ticket itself
  4. often, open up access to the customer website to make changes
  5. process the ticket properly and professionally
It is also useful for us to be able to skip the need to quote in the ticket, if we can do it within the minimum credit time of a ticket.

However, it is very understandable that customers can worry that, for very simple questions, the minimum credits of a ticket could be excessive. We also do prefer our customers to put unrelated issues into separate tickets, so costs could mount up.

In the past we have tended to play fast and loose with our own rules. If a ticket really was processed in just a few minutes we have tended to just charge fewer than the normal minimum. This has been done at our discretion, for when 1-5 above haven't really applied. We have also sometimes advised customers post a list of questions together in the same ticket, so long as the questions weren't individually complicated.

From now on the policy will be slightly adjusted. We will continue to reserve the right to adjust our policies in our customer's favour (at our discretion), but we will also formalise this rule:

If a customer has submitted multiple very simple tickets, and we are in a position where we are able to process them in a batch, we will charge them as a batch, rather than each being applicable to the minimum charge. This will still be at our discretion, as we may not have a time window large enough to be able to process all the tickets, or they may not be on the same priority.

If a customer wishes to ensure we do batch processing, it would still be necessary to submit all questions in a list within a single post of a single ticket. We would not have any objection to handling this kind of ticket this so long as individual questions within the list aren't particularly complex (e.g. mini projects within their own right).

We always do the best to work the support system in the favour of our customers, while ensuring we don't go too far and make a loss on the system. It has a much lower hourly rate than our agency service, but the automation and pre-payment allows us to achieve that.

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