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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap. Existing ocPortal member accounts have been mirrored.

Beta-countdown: May 7th

Beta-countdown: May 7th Help!

I'm sorry for that, but there aren't many exciting things to say about documentation ;). However, whilst not exciting, I think we all can agree that it's important to have good documentation there when the situation calls for it. As I've stated before, ocPortal 3 is primarily about ease of use, and a big collection of tutorials isn't very easy to use - you have to go to the index and look through for the right one before you can even begin reading.

So how have we fixed this? Well it's obvious really: we have moved the tutorials and ocPortal closer together for version 3, with ocPortal now actively recommending tutorials at apt positions in its interface. Minus the animated paperclip :whistle:.

We have also written over 50 special tips for using ocPortal, and categorised them for experience levels. These are now shown on the Admin Zone front page!

Another thing we have done is to create a totally new 'Help Wizard'. Our Help Wizard can be reached from any ocPortal page, and will ask questions to identify what kind of task you want to perform - it will then explain the key concepts behind the task and give instructions on how to begin performing it. For example, a corporate user may wish to 'Make a press release', but not realise this is synonymous with releasing news - the Help Wizard would in essence provide a translation from their corporate-speak to ocPortal-speak, grounding them in ocPortal fundamentals and hence easing their transition into the software.

Tomorrow I'll be explaining what is lurking within the screenshot I posted on day 4.

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