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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap. Existing ocPortal member accounts have been mirrored.

4.1 released

4.1 released Version 4.1 has now been released. This version is a minor release that introduces some new features and lots of bug fixes.

To upgrade from any previous 4.1.x release, follow the steps in your website's http://mybaseurl/upgrader.php script. You will need to copy the URL of the attached TAR file as one of these steps ("3: Upload an upgrade TAR for extraction").
Please make sure you take a backup before uploading your new files!

alternatively (but not recommended), you can manually upload the files inside the attached TAR file over existing files (7-zip is just one of many tools for tar files). This is not recommended because it will bypass the upgraders addon-aware extraction algorithm and potentially cause problems.
» Download: 4.0.0-4.1.0.tar (6 Mb, 900 downloads so far)


ocProducts cannot make any guarantees about the speed of which any new bugs might be patched, for this upgrade or any other upgrade. It is your own responsibility to make and test a full website backup (files and database) before you upgrade, for use in the unlikely event of you wanting to revert your upgrade. Some users may wish to test upgrades (and pre-fix any theme compatibility problems that could occur) on a staging site (a private mirror of their live site).
If you don't follow our advice by taking and testing a backup, and end up needing emergency repair help, ocProducts can help charged at our hourly rate.

For more details, see our upgrading tutorial.

New features

Improved search and tag support:
  • The search engine now covers meta keywords.
  • Tags are shown on content screens (e.g. news screens, download screens, …). Clicking a tag does a search for other content tagged the same way. The actual tag values are taken from the content's meta keywords. NB: This is commented-out in the templates by default, but is very easy to enable.
  • There's a new side_tag_cloud block that shows a Web 2.0-style tag cloud. It can either be for the whole website's content, or for a specific content type.

A new 'Recommend content' system has been added, via the main_screen_actions block. This system allows visitors to easily print the current screen, to recommend the content to a friend, to add the screen to their favorites (IE only), or to add a link on their Facebook profile (new Social Networking/Bookmarking sites can be added via simple template editing). This block can be placed on Comcode pages, or in content templates (it has been placed in a number of default content templates for you, commented-out by default).

Form field changes:
  • All major content forms have been redesigned so they better subdivide into subsections. Language has been clarified significantly, and generally an effort has been made to make things self explanatory just by glancing over the forms.
  • The form subsections may now be expanded and contracted, and subsections that are rarely required are contracted by default so as to make it quicker to fill in forms in common cases.
  • Integer and decimal fields can now not have inappropriate characters typed into them (giving you instant interface feedback that saves you going back later on when the form won't submit).
  • A new 'Codename' field type has been added and is used in many forms in the system. This provides as-you-type validation (like the above number fields).
  • The Codename field auto-completes from titles on the add-gallery and add-catalogue screens (e.g. if you type the title of your gallery, ocPortal makes up a default gallery codename automatically for you).
  • Integer, decimal, and codename fields are all rendered less wide so as to better imply the kind of data they need (previously these fields had 100% width like text fields did).
  • If you don't confirm a password properly when joining OCF or a newsletter, then the validation error is now shown early via Javascript.
  • If you write an OCF post or signature that is too long, the validation error is now shown early via Javascript.

Miscellaneous improvements:
  • The abstract file manager will not display if it detects you're on a server that does not require it.
  • The change-password field in the Installation options tool now has a confirmation.
  • You now need to select your support ticket type when making a new ticket; it no longer defaults to the first kind of ticket. (We used to have 'Complaint' as our first kind of ticket here - hence we always got far more 'Complaint' tickets than we should have ;))
  • The global specific permissions editing screen now makes it easier for you to understand abstract permissions (like "Submit midrange content") by showing what modules can override them and which are overriding them. E.g. by seeing that IOTDs can override this permission you know that IOTDs use this permission, helping you clarify in your mind what's for what.
  • Language has been further clarified in a number of places, to make things easier to understand.
  • The main_forum_topics block now can have an 'Add topic' link (OCF only).
  • The 'Add new block' tool now auto-detects whether you are adding to a panel or the main page body, showing the kind of blocks you want higher on the selection page.
  • Users joining OCF on site's with confirmation emails now need to double-enter their email address before finalising their join process (so that the confirmation email definitely goes to the right address).
  • The Web browser title bar will now make use of page titles (i.e. page titles now feature in the browser/tab title bar, making it easier to distinguish windows/tabs).
  • The Comcode page cache is now intelligent, auto clearing when a page has been modified since the cache was filled.
  • The bread-crumbs in the Admin Zone now extend further back, so it's not so easy to get lost.
  • Catalogue field types can now be changed (to a limited extent).
  • ocPortal will now redirect the user if they are at a "non-canonical" version of a URL (e.g. no 'page' parameter given), for purposes of SEO.
  • Extra hooks have been added to allow further customisation by programmers without having to change any code. In addition a new API has been added that allows programmers to adjust existing code line-by-line.
  • Testing/fixes have been carried out to make sure ocPortal can gracefully provide error messages for a number of catastrophic forms of corruption.
  • You can now run searches for content submitted by a member of a given usergroup.
  • Content comment topics will no longer be auto-created until the content is validated.
  • The Comcode that forms the textual version of emails is now transformed to be easier for humans to read.

Author improvements:
  • Many usability improvements have been made to the 'define author' form.
  • The author profile page now will show news submissions by the author as well as downloads.

eCommerce improvements:
  • You can now see what usernames performed a transaction from the transaction logs (where appropriate).
  • It is now far easier to input manual transactions into the eCommerce system. You no longer need to work out subscription or invoice ID's- it is now list driven.

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