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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap. Existing ocPortal member accounts have been mirrored.

4.1.10 released

4.1.10 released Version 4.1.10 has now been released. This version is a patch release that introduces a number of bug fixes since the last release. Upgrading is suggested due to the large number of fixes.

To upgrade follow the steps in your website's http://mybaseurl/upgrader.php script. You will need to copy the URL of the attached TAR file as one of these steps ("3: Upload an upgrade TAR for extraction").

alternatively (but not recommended), you can manually upload the files inside the attached TAR file over existing files (7-zip is just one of many tools for tar files). This is not recommended because it will bypass the upgraders addon-aware extraction algorithm and potentially cause problems.

Your upgrade to version 4.1.10

You can generate an upgrader from any version of ocPortal to any other version. If you access this upgrade post via the version information box on your Admin Zone front page then we'll automatically know what version you're running.
If you'd prefer though you can enter in your version number right here:

(usually blank)

(example above is for upgrading from 4.3.2 beta1)


ocProducts cannot make any guarantees about the speed of which any new bugs might be patched, for this upgrade or any other upgrade. It is your own responsibility to make and test a full website backup (files and database) before you upgrade, for use in the unlikely event of you wanting to revert your upgrade. Some users may wish to test upgrades (and pre-fix any theme compatibility problems that could occur) on a staging site (a private mirror of their live site).
If you don't follow our advice by taking and testing a backup, and end up needing emergency repair help, ocProducts can help charged at our hourly rate.

For more details, see our upgrading tutorial.

Fixes have been made to the following issues:
  • Fixed stack traces when doing certain searches (problem came up on 4.1.9)
  • Important fixes to newsletter support - stopping newsletters going to wrong people, or going to people more than once
  • Fixed member profiles on Windows servers, for DOB's before 1970
  • Fixed bug showing 'url' catalogue fields
  • Fixed problem that stopped RSS readers properly tracking read-history
  • Fixed performance problem and bugs with the birthdays RSS hook
  • Fixed problems in theme image detection
  • Fixed hack-attack error on very deep CEDI trees
  • The installer can now move through some steps on a timer
  • Added missing index on f_group_members.gm_validated (performance)
  • Fixed very rare but possible stack trace when downloading files
  • Important fixes to searching: ordering, de-duping, performance
  • Hyperlinks with tooltips may now open in new windows
  • Fixed stack trace if old attachment reference types somehow get into the database
  • Fixed some SVG graph rendering problems and stats problems
  • Lots of fixes to currency conversion
  • Users can no longer be shown online twice
  • Fixed member blocking feature
  • Fixed stack trace when banned users visit, on some sites
  • Improved db compatibility checker
  • Allowed sources files overrides to work a bit better
  • Fixed bug in RSS cloud support
  • Properly decached sitemap if permissions changed or zones or addons or Comcode pages changed
  • Fixed problem on MySQL strict mode with module and block upgrades
  • Fixed priority order of page scanning
  • Fixed block caching bug when a block is uninstalled
  • Fixed 500 status error messages being suppressed on IE
  • Fixed rare attachment parsing bug
  • Added better bbcode 'font' tag compatibility
  • Fixed 'thumb' tag for people with out 'draw_to_server' permission
  • Fixed FLV attachments
  • Fixed 2 problems with bad auto-generated 'url' tag tooltips
  • Fixed various type strictness problems
  • Fixed theoretical (but probably non-existant) problem with member validation e-mails
  • Fixed 2 problems with Tempcode engine preprocessing of Comcode-placed directives
  • Fixed Tempcode crash (occurred only with corrupt files?)
  • Prevented deletion of the only news/catendar categories
  • Fixed bug with default news category selection
  • Fixed bug with the menu editor site tree having missing nodes for non-super administrators
  • Fixed bug using Theme Wizard for non-super administrators
  • Fixed bug using OcCLE for non-super administrators (should it be enabled for them)
  • Suppressed PHP errors that can happen on some character sets relating to html_entity_decode
  • Fixed potential hack attack error that menu match-keys can create
  • Fixed safe-mode temporary directory detection
  • Auto-disabled caching for when viewing template trees
  • Fixed deleting usergroup subscriptions
  • Improved backup script performance
  • Fixed complex theme image detection bug
  • Fixed main_content block bug
  • Fixed collaboration zone bug showing forum topics (and similar potential bugs in all forum blocks)
  • Fixed many cases of bad links appearing in the sitemap
  • Fixed side_root_galleries block on Oracle
  • Fixes to main_custom_gfx block, and improved text kerning
  • Fixed validate-post links on the guestbook
  • Fixed some cases where thumbnails did not auto-generate, and non-regeneratable ones were decached carelessly
  • Added 'CATEGORY_SUBORDINATE_NO_ENTRIES_OR_SUBCATEGORIES' so you can tell the difference between a category with no entries directly underneath, and none at all
  • Fixed OCF poll-edit permission checks
  • Fixed loss of form contents due to back-button on IE
  • Improvements to developer test mode
  • Fixed bug in JS caching wrt SSL
  • Fixes to character set conversion code
  • Fixes to site tree for page names with ampersands in
  • Fixed possible crash on OcCLE
  • Fixed minor bug showing forum breadcrumbs
  • Fixed weird error relating to _ENV on one server
  • Performance improvements in users-online tracking
  • Fixed extra blank lines being added in certain Comcode
  • Fix to new-private-posts notification for when the cache has just been emptied
  • Fixes to header <title> tag stripping intelligence
  • Fix to zone remapping support
  • Added support for utf-8 databases when MySQL is not globabally configured for it
  • Added better error messages when failing to connect to PostgreSQL
  • More efficient language cache filling
  • Fixed possible bug viewing configuration screens when multiple-languages are installed in certain way
  • Fixed the authors popup when cookies disabled
  • Fixed Custom Comcode tag preview
  • Got rid of stack trace error shown when previewing a post on it's edited screen when it's just been deleted
  • Got rid of emails to CRON script maintainer whenever a calendar notification goes out
  • Fixed catalogue addon uninstallation
  • Allowed catalogue fields that are optional to true be optional for list fields
  • Stopped CEDI posts being covered in the default searches
  • Fixed error importing phpBB usergroup membership
  • Fixed problem sorting tabular catalogues
  • Fixed misspelling Lorum->Lorem in Lorem Impsum detector code
  • Limited display of sub-subforums according to usergroup permissions
  • Prevented stack trace when certain case of corrupt video uploaded
  • Fixed problem of ticket type being deleted, and then the ticket titles no longer being legible
  • Improved vertical text support for different character sets
  • Added some extra images to the theme wizard's scope
  • Fixed the CPF selection that comes up when viewing OCF posts
  • Fixed bad breadcrumbs when viewing stripped-down Admin Zone
  • Added support for CRON-path auto-detection
  • Fixed problem on certain RSS feeds
  • Stopped ugly bright-red–on–blue installer error messages.
  • Added CSS to make it more obvious how to change white background
  • Fixed problem with results-browser CSS - it only working fully right on OCF
  • Fixed some Firefox display bugs
  • Fixed problem with author popup links on some themes
  • Fixed blog posts showing the wrong rank image (visitors instead of posters)
  • Improved columned-catalogue template
  • Fixed WCAG problem in the HEADER template (Content-Type too late)
  • Fixed bug in JS detection in the HEADER template, and improved it - allowing people to turn it off explicitly for accessibility reasons
  • Fixed accessibility problem with the skip-navigation
  • Changed how accessibility_hidden works to improve accessibility
  • Fixed how errors/stack traces show in preview frames
  • Fixed colour chooser problem on IE
  • Made the colour chooser on the chat interface much more user friendly
  • Made it easier to add tabbed interfaces
  • Fixed XHTML bug on splurgh screens
  • Fixed iframe auto-resize code on Safari
  • Fixed Safari CSS problem with upload fields
  • Fixed tree-list expansion in frames (problem on search screen, stuff getting cut-off)
  • Fixed long translation screens on Firefox (Firefox bug workaround)
  • Fixed problems with IE6 PNG support
  • Suppressed JS error if WYSIWYG fails to load by e.g. network problems
  • Fixed problems on IE6/IE7/IE8 with topic emotion/avatar selection
  • Made the auto-complete author/username fields much snappier and more reliable
  • Fixed erroneous new line in multi-line hidden fields
  • Fixed various problems with date selector
  • Fixed Quicktime videos in galleries on Firefox Mac
  • Fixed bug viewing certain nodes in the Site Tree editor
  • Fixes to quizzes, involving timers, and them not auto-starting when web optimisation plugins are installed
  • Fixed problem with the scrollbar on the chat/IM message field, on Firefox
  • Updated FLV player with much newer version
  • Fixed XHTML validation problem when there are multiple result browsers on a single screen
  • Fixed some pedantic issues with tabbing and extraneous spaces in templates
  • Fixed how multi-line CPFs display on the view-profile screen
  • Fixed scrollbars on popup windows on Firefox
  • Improved CONFIRM_SCREEN template to be able to relay hidden fields
  • Fixed dropdown menu display on IE
  • Fixed problem recommending resources with "#" in their titles
  • Tidied up the Comcode in the default panel_top
  • Better error screen if there are no results from a member screen
  • Fixed problem with chat/cedi/calendar/quiz/… config options if points addon removed
  • Limited what quizzes should on site-tree, to stop them auto-starting
  • Added ordering of news categories in site-tree
  • Fixed that event view tallies were not maintained
  • Improvements to catalogue breadcrumbs
  • Fixed ugly message if you go to purchase module as guest
  • Fixed weird CGI timeout (some servers only) if there's lots of data generating a splurgh tree.
  • Improved layout of Comcode help page
  • Fixed a few language strings in ocf.ini
  • Fixed some language string typos picked up by Russian translator (Raven)
  • Clarified main_cc_embed/side_stored_menu block help
  • Added proper message explaining if no quiz winners could be picked
  • Better usability when importing downloads from FTP and fixes
  • Better usability when importing gallery media and fixes
  • Removed "add club" preview button (unneeded)
  • Improved usability of Custom Comcode add/edit form
  • Added missing language string (DELETE_CLUB)
  • Added collaboration zone logo to those auto-generated by the Theme Wizard
  • Speculative fix to stack trace in debrand module
  • Stopped ability to switch CPF types are break things in the process
  • Fixed bug editing CPF
  • Deployed 'form_input_codename' field type more consistently
  • Fixed some API documentation typos
  • Stopped guests making PTs
  • Fixed potential bug of somehow people being added as participants to public topics (could happen if stuff moved around whilst people were working)
  • Fixed 'forum question incorrect' to show warning icon rather than success icon
  • Fixed "jump to latest post" on Safari
  • Fixed some problems in module arrangement of some default permissions and options
  • Fixed "number of unvalidated posts" tally
  • Fixed stack overflow converting complex HTML to Comcode
  • Fixed incorrect table handling in HTML to Comcode conversion

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