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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap. Existing ocPortal member accounts have been mirrored.

3.2 released

3.2 released Version 3.2.0 has now been released. This version is a patch release that introduces a number of bug fixes since the last release, as well as a number of new features.

Upgrading to 3.2.0 is not necessary due to there only being minor bug fixes. There are however a number of new features also, which many may wish to make use of. If you do decide to make use of the new features (including much better WYSIWYG support), please make sure you take a file backup first, in case any of the new functionality changes causes problems.

To upgrade from any previous 3.2.x release you may copy the URL of the attached tar file, and feed it into the http://mybaseurl/force_upgrade.php script on your website to allow it to automatically extract the files.
alternatively, manually upload the files inside the attached tar file over existing files (7-zip is just one of many tools for tar files).
Please make sure you take a backup before uploading your new files!

After the files are up, open http://mybaseurl/force_upgrade.php in a web browser, login, and choose to clear caches. As this is more than just a patch release it is crucial that you also choose to run a file integrity scan and a database upgrade.
For more details, see our upgrading tutorial.

» Download: 3.1.0-3.2.0.tar (5 Mb, 1848 downloads so far)

Fixes have been made to the following issues (Described in more detail):
  • Author choosing problems on Internet Explorer
  • Calendar day view events
  • Certain deletable zones can't be deleted
  • Chat banning
  • Comcode page export/delete buttons that should not be there
  • Gallery zipping fails
  • Handling of attachments when content is edited
  • Member promotion
  • Network-links editing screen
  • Problems with Comcode editor on Internet Explorer
  • Quiz points are awarded incorrectly
  • The feedback block will fail is commenting is disabled
  • The quiz points points-log message is ugly
  • Various importer problems
  • side_calendar block problem

These are the main new features:
  • The language editor interface is improved
  • The language editor now takes backups
  • The lost-password functionality is now a lot more user-friendly
  • A brand new HTML filter, and new hidden option, that allows members to copy&paste complex HTML into the WYSIWYG editor without it being interfered with (note that we cannot guarantee the security of this, but the HTML filter is a lot safer than the one in previous versions of ocPortal)
  • Major improvements to the WYSIWYG editor, to smooth over some problems when making complex documents
  • The new optional replacement for the hard-coded zone menu
  • A more user-friendly awards add/edit screen
  • Support for short-URLs on Windows web servers
  • Support for highly advanced URL architectures, with ocPortal being able to be split across different domain names and paths
  • Support for combining the download system with virtual filesystems
  • Better WYSIWYG editor support for Firefox
  • The OCF topicview now will show topic descriptions
  • Support for storing comment topics in different forums for different content types
  • The main_gallery_embed block will now also show videos if they are in the gallery that is being embedded. (Embedding an empty gallery will still say no entries are there)
  • The main_top_galleries block will now pick galleries arbitrarily if no galleries have ever been rated.
  • A number of little usability/stability improvements
  • Many new hidden options

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