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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap. Existing ocPortal member accounts have been mirrored.

3.2.6 released

3.2.6 released Version 3.2.6 has now been released. This version is a patch release that introduces a number of bug fixes since the last release.

Upgrading is recommended, but with caution. This patch release:
  • contains a large number of changes
  • has been built on a new build environment
  • includes a change to how PHP memory limitations are dealt with, and how e-mails are sent (tested, but there is a possibility some servers may not like these changes)
It is important that you are able to revert your website files if in the unlikely event that something does not work as expected; or at least, wait until technical support is available.

To upgrade from any previous 3.2.x release you may copy the URL of the attached tar file, and feed it into the http://mybaseurl/force_upgrade.php script on your website to allow it to automatically extract the files.
alternatively, manually upload the files inside the attached tar file over existing files (7-zip is just one of many tools for tar files).


ocProducts cannot make any guarantees about the speed of which any new bugs might be patched, for this upgrade or any other upgrade. It is your own responsibility to make and test a full website backup before you upgrade, for use in the unlikely event of you wanting to revert your upgrade.

After the files are up, open http://mybaseurl/force_upgrade.php in a web browser, login, and choose to clear caches.
For more details, see our upgrading tutorial.

» Download: 3.1.0-3.2.6.tar (5 Mb, 1206 downloads so far)

The following changes have been made:
  • New flexibility with the if_in_group Comcode tag, and Symbol
  • Fixed bug in RSS display of feed authors
  • Fixed major server slowdown problem if a site is very badly trackback-spammed
  • Minor HTML fixes to the RSS export of OCF views
  • Fixed problem with sending mail from sites with apostrophes in the site name
  • Fixed bugs in eCommerce code triggered if a usergroup subscription is deleted
  • Fixed bug stopping catalogue list field editing working cleanly
  • Fixed bug with catalogue editing permissions
  • Fixed input validation glitch with gallery video submission
  • Fixed problem whereby an incorrect error message was given if a corrupt tar file was uploaded
  • Emphasised in the UI that the OcCLE session-confirmation password is (unavoidably) typed in plain text
  • The 'theme' member profile field in OCF will now not be presented if the system does not have a choice available
  • Changes to how ocPortal handles the PHP memory limit - ocPortal will now and try and turn off the limit in code (this is preferable, as some rare functions may always cause the limit to exceed – for example, generating thumbnails from large images). Please note that removing the memory limit is not harmful, as the limit is very unlikely to be accidentally exceeded, and exists mostly for safety during code development, and for web hosts who do not trust customer code.
  • The catalogue index view will now show category child counts.
  • There is now unofficial support for FLV files, so long as Jeroen Wijering's FLV player is present in the 'data' directory
  • An installation glitch has been fixed (occurred if a certain step was loaded more than once)
  • Fixes to SSL support (Enterprise version only)
  • Guests posting support tickets will no longer be asked to log in after posting a ticket (Enterprise version only)
  • Various improvements have been made to SU when used in combination with a closed website
  • Fixes to stop various blocks cacheing member links incorrectly
  • Fixes to make sure the news blocks return the correct number of posts wherever reasonably possible
  • Improvements to how catalogue upload/URL fields are displayed
  • Minor fixes to Comcode parser
  • Fix to allow non-admin members to visit the root download category in the event that the ID number was not directly specified
  • Fixed minor glitch for handling the case of when downloading files and the connection dies
  • New permissions debugging feature. If a writeable file, data_custom/permission_checks.log, exists, permission success/fail information is logged to this file for review
  • Fixed some race-conditions
  • Fixed link in staff checklist for CEDI post validation, for the case where CEDI is not in the site zone
  • Fixed link to validate banners
  • The latest-post area now updates if the most recent post is unvalidated
  • Fixed display of the British Pound sign on Safari
  • Fix to tar file creation
  • Error message now given if uploads fail, even if there is a fallback field available
  • Daily point allocation now fixed for those members that do not store login cookies
  • Fix to allow Windows Media videos to play in Firefox
  • Various fixes to the non-WYSIWYG editing/posting code on IE
  • Fixed installation templates to look better on Safari
  • Fixed editing of files with quotes in in OcCLE
  • Improved usability on the points-profile view page
  • Fix: Attachments cannot be sent in newsletters
  • Fix: Calendar event type ordering problem
  • Fix: Catalogue list field-type editing
  • Fix: Difficulties if a picture is the first field in a catalogue
  • Fix: Emoticon problem
  • Fix: Emoticon-filtering does not fully work
  • Fix: Error deleting forum category
  • Fix: Hack-attack error when editing personal news category
  • Fix: Member blogs not working correctly
  • Fix: New list fields do not add to existing catalogues
  • Fix: News entries may repeat on the side_news block
  • Fix: Non-admins can not edit catalogue entries
  • Fix: Option to enable staff-checklist tallies on unvalidated post broken
  • Fix: Some RSS feeds may not work
  • Fix: The 'reset category permissions' option doesn't work
  • Fix: The RSS links on the news blocks are incorrect
  • Fix: Unnecessary scrollbars in catalogues
  • Fix: Usergroup subscription does not work

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