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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap. Existing ocPortal member accounts have been mirrored.

3.2.3 released

3.2.3 released Version 3.2.3 has now been released. This version is a patch release that introduces a number of bug fixes since the last release. Upgrading is not necessary, and if you do upgrade please make sure you have a full working backup before doing so (this patch is believed to be low risk, but staff availability is limited over the next two weeks).

To upgrade from any previous 3.2.x release you may copy the URL of the attached tar file, and feed it into the http://mybaseurl/force_upgrade.php script on your website to allow it to automatically extract the files.
alternatively, manually upload the files inside the attached tar file over existing files (7-zip is just one of many tools for tar files).

After the files are up, open http://mybaseurl/force_upgrade.php in a web browser, login, and choose to clear caches.
For more details, see our upgrading tutorial.

» Download: 3.1.0-3.2.3.tar (6 Mb, 1465 downloads so far)

Notable bugs:
  • Error when posting certain URLs in Comcode
  • Problem deleting catalogue categories
  • Shoutbox would not work right on IE when in tray mode
  • Subgalleries may go missing, for a flow-mode gallery
  • WYSIWYG editor line-spacing insertion

Minor problems / changes:
  • Fixed a grammar error in point store
  • Fixed an error in a Point Store email (the purchased product name was used in place of the username  of the purchaser)
  • Certain hack-attack messages have been made clearer
  • Corrupted language cacheing files will no longer cause a site to go down until the cache is cleared
  • The Theme Wizard now supports language pack images
  • A fringe problem when calculating quiz winners has been fixed
  • IE will no longer produce Javascript errors when using the WYSIWYG editor (they were benign)
  • The 'url' and 'email' Comcode tags now support tooltips via the new 'title' attribute
  • The WYSIWYG editor now can preserve URL tooltips when converting to Comcode
  • Various templates have now been given some additional parameters, to aid customisation
  • The side_calendar block now supports the calendar module existing in multiple zones, with specification of the zone to link to
  • Two bugs in the old Comcode 'menu' syntax have been fixed
  • In certain cases, fatal ocPortal errors are now picked up properly and explained to the user (such as missing files needed at startup)
  • Problems with CEDI search have been fixed
  • The 'edit page' link on panels now links to the Comcode editor if the user has no access to the Zone editor
  • Certain corner case problems have been fixed (e.g. corrupt tar handling, or handling of double-deletes, or bad web spider requests)
  • A bug in IE's border handling has been worked around for the display of boxes
  • A problem causing some OcCLE commands to fail on IE has been fixed
  • A problem with the new side-box tray support has been fixed (XHTML validation / display)
  • The newsletter signup/subscription-editing is now more user-friendly
  • Problems with search block cacheing have been fixed
  • An XHTML validation problem with complex menu names has been fixed
  • A problem with attachment captions has been fixed
  • ocPortal no longer requires the ability to make network connections
  • ocPortal can now survive bad default settings of socket-timeouts
  • Various problems with data escaping have been fixed
  • The XHTML validation screen is now scrollable

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