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friendly's profile

About me: I have always been a naturally artistic person although when I was young I had no idea what that really meant. Even so I recall using art as a way of communicating to others ideas and feelings inside of me. When I was in grade school and should have been listening and learning to what my teachers were trying to teach me, I remember drawing and making pictures for myself and my classmates. I guess even in my grade school days I was taking commissions to draw stuff for my friends. It was a blast and I had fun doing it. There was a certain amount of pride in being able to create something that someone else wanted. Then around age eleven I started using oil paints and fell in love with the process of creating paintings.

In high school I became interested in drafting and technical drawing. I say interested but rather it was an obsession. I learned everything about drafting, especially architectural drafting and used that knowledge to create plans for imaginary buildings and outrageous and impractical houses. As a teenager I was 'used' by the high school administrators to prepare several different project plan documents, several of which were built.

The first few years after high school were spent learning that I should have been paying more attention to what I was being taught in school. I don't mean the art and architecture subjects because I was getting those subjects down good, but the other academic studies. Paying attention in class might have helped some but I think that discovering the fundamentals of life and getting work you could earn a living with are beyond the scope of most of the books I was instructed to read.

Amazingly enough, I was able to get to the next level and was fortunate enough to meet a couple of enterprising businessmen who appreciated my architectural drafting abilities enough to take a chance on me. That chance began a 30 year continuous run working in the architectural industry where designing, drafting and illustrating residential and commercial buildings provided practical ways of using art to earn a living and supporting my family.

Then came February of 2010, due to the national economic collapse of 2008, I was laid off from a great job. Fruitless job searching gave me time to think and reevaluate life and my situation. I knew that at my age it was going to be difficult to find a job as good as the one I had in the architecture world again so I began to think of other things I could do with my life.

I began to realize that I had never thought of art as away to make a living but only a way to make pictures that perhaps others could enjoy. So, with the encouragement of my wife, family and friends I decided to go for it. Which brings me to today.

Now I am a full time working artist using my Washington based business called 'Art and Imagination of David L Friend' as a marketing tool to introduce and sell my artwork to the world. It is here that those those years of independently exploring traditional and contemporary art can be applied unfettered within the framework my company to express my personal style, using the methodologies and techniques developed over the years to create art.

I look for opportunities to meet people and sell my artwork while growing this business as part of my personal artistic expression. I am thankful for the trust and support I have received from many of you in making this move forward possible.
Location: Washington, USA

Art and Imagination
of David L Friend

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