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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap. Existing ocPortal member accounts have been mirrored.

How to help out

Do you want to help our mission: bringing a way that empowers the masses to create better websites on saner budgets?

It's a lofty goal, and we'd love your help!

Why do you want my help?

By virtue of the fact that you are reading this, you have at least some interest in web development and/or ocPortal. This makes you perfect for so many reasons:
  • The enthusiasm of you and others is key: so many jobs, such as spreading the word, could never be done well on automatic – and if we tried to do everything ourselves, we couldn't sustain the product and community
  • You're different. Different from us, and different from many other ocPortal users – either in little or big ways. This diversity is exactly what we need - a variety of skills make ocPortal more valuable for everybody. Share your own special perspectives and talents.
  • We need feedback from people on the front lines. What would you improve in ocPortal?
So how exactly can you give back? That depends on your talents. Whether you're a developer, a good writer, have some cash to help drive the project, or just have some darned-good ideas, you can support the mission.

Here are a few ideas of ways to help


  • Sponsor a featureDo you want something new implemented in ocPortal? Sponsor little projects listed on the tracker (payment is made via buying support credits).



  • TwitterFollow ocPortal on Twitter, and tweet about #ocPortal.
  • Become a fan of ocPortal on Facebook.
  • Support us on YouTubeRate and comment on our video tutorials on YouTube.
  • Vote for ocPortalVote/rate and review ocPortal wherever you see it. HotScripts and OpenSourceCMS are two places to start.
  • Post about ocPortalIf you see CMSs compared on other websites and ocPortal isn't mentioned, let us know about it!
  • Tell a friendRecommend ocPortal if a friend or your company is looking to make a website.
  • Mention ocProductsMention the staff as web developers to help them bring in an income.
  • Show our adYou can advertise ocPortal via the banner ad we have created.
  • Self-initiativesFind any opportunity to share ocPortal with someone. Write your own article and publish it. Talk about ocPortal at a conference. Be creative!


  • Reach out to other usersParticularly new members, try to welcome them and help make sure they don't get lost. Also put yourself on the map so people near you can get in contact.
  • Help others on the forumWhere you can, answer other user's questions.
  • Give gift pointsIf you see other members doing good things, give them some gift points.

Usability and stability

  • Reporting bugsBig or tiny – we will be happy if you even report typos we make as bugs.
  • Reporting usability issuesWe will be happy if you have any concrete suggestions for making reasonably common tasks even a little bit easier.
  • Write community tutorialsPost them on CEDI and the staff may highlight them.
  • Developing unit testsIf you know some PHP you can help us test ocPortal en-masse. Write unit tests (the latest version of this framework is in our public git repository).


  • Supply test data for importersSend an SQL-dump to help us create an ocPortal importer. There's no promise of anything, but it helps us a lot to have test data on hand should we decide to make an importer.
  • Core developers wantedIf you ask and demonstrate your skillz and commitment then you can get commit privileges and be fully credited as one of the ocPortal developers. We just need a standard dual-copyright agreement signing.
  • OtherDo you have some other expertise? Do you have the ability to help the staff make business connections? There are many other ways to support our mission – be imaginative!

Things you can do right now

If you like our script, please rate it!

What's in it for you?

For one thing, you're helping in our mission to make the web development world a better place for people who aren't necessarily programmers or millionaires. You can be a big help to the hard-working ocProducts team who've continued to spend years on very modest incomes to see the vision come to pass. By its very nature the open-source model depends on people like you to share talents in big and small ways.

In addition, we highlight members who have made significant contributions via our community leader-board, ranks, and display of recent activity.

Finally, people who contribute significantly will be well respected and thanked by the community. It feels good!

How to get started

Just go ahead and pick something on the above list and go for it! Be a self-starter and don't let anything hold you back. Again – even tiny efforts like micro-blogging do some good for the project. So why not?