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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap. Existing ocPortal member accounts have been mirrored.

Third Party Integration

(Community Advertising)

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These banners are from members of the ocPortal community, bought with points.

Amazon affiliates by Kamen Blaginov

Downloads: 351
Added: 24 May 2011
Displays an affiliate Amazon block in the portal that could be configured by the block parameters (associates id, product line, subject/keywords, and how many items to be displayed inside the block). This addon allows you to create a banner link to a number of banners from your Amazon affiliate account. You will need to know your Amazon affiliate ID as well as the Amazon category (Books, Music, Software etc) and the search term you want it to display ba…

Amazon wishlist by Kamen Blaginov

Downloads: 316
Added: 24 May 2011
Adds an Amazon wishlist configured by the block parameters such as – Amazon access and secret keys, Amazon wishlist id, and Amazon domain used. For this addon you will need to login at Amazon web services ( Sign In) using your normal Amazon account log in. Once you have logged in and accepted the security message click on Security credentials on the left hand menu, click access keys and here you will find your access key and security key. When…

Aviary by Chris Graham

Downloads: 366
Added: 24 May 2011
This addons integrates the Aviary Phoenix onling image editor (Welcome to Aviary) into ocPortal, so that on any form with an image field you can edit the images without needing any special software on your computer. This works very simply for both for new and existing uploads and is implemented securely so all your users may benefit from it.

System Requirements / Dependencies

Adobe Flash required


Licensed on the same terms as ocPortal

Better Mail by ocProducts

Downloads: 428
Added: 24 August 2011
Replaces ocPortal's built in mailer with one based around Swift Mailer. This may help workaround problems with buggy/complex SMTP servers, or ones that require SSL (e.g. gmail). If you're not have mail problems there's no point using this.

Needs PHP5.

eBay store by Kamen Blaginov

Downloads: 355
Added: 24 May 2011
Adds a block advertising items for sale by an eBay seller or from an eBay store. It is more suitable to be used as a main block because if it placed on a panel the block size is too small and it is hard to be navigated inside of it. The block dimensions width/height could also be adjusted (to fit better on the block area). 'type' will be either "seller" or "store" – 'seller' will be the seller or store ID – 'query' (only works for stores) will display results from…

Facebook support by Kamen / Naveen / Chris

Downloads: 608
Added: 24 June 2011
This addon provides substantial Facebook integration for your ocPortal website.

  • User's can log in to your site using their Facebook profile (for OCF-sites only)
  • Links to the Facebook profiles of ocPortal profiles logged in via Facebook Connect
  • New Facebook Friends block (allows users to like your site and shows those that have)
  • New Facebook Site activity feed block
  • New Facebook Facepile block (shows people who like your site or have signed in using F

Justgiving by Kamen Blaginov

Downloads: 301
Added: 24 May 2011
Display a current amount which has been collected and a link to donate via To use this addon you will need your eggid from your justgiving account page. To find this:
  1. Log into your account and click "Your pages"
  2. Click the page you want to add the banner for
  3. Click use our widget, this will show you some code that looks like:


<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowScriptAccess="always" height="230" width="150" align="middle"

LastFM by Kamen Blaginov

Downloads: 350
Added: 24 May 2011
Adds a top LastFM playlist on a panel. This displays top artists, top albums or top tracks. Block parameters are someone's LastFM username, top rank list period of time (3, 6 or 12 months), and what chart to be displayed (artists, albums or tracks chart). Example addon usage:


[block username="Sjarvis78" period="3" display="artists"]side_last_fm[/block]
You will need your Username for Last FM, and you will need to decide how long you w…

OpenID by Chris Graham

Downloads: 421
Added: 24 June 2011
This addon adds OpenID login support to ocPortal, so you can log in with, for example, a Google account.

This is based on the work of Martin Conte Mac Donell (OpenID-realselector) and Mewp (LightOpenID)

PHP5 is required, as well as OpenSSL support in PHP.

Twitter news integration by Chris Graham

Downloads: 437
Added: 24 June 2011
This addon fixes the broken ocPortal Twitter support. ocPortal originally supported Twitter, but very recently Twitter turned off the support we used, and now only supports a much more complex method, oAuth. This adds full oAuth Twitter integration back into ocPortal.

The code is based on 'Twitter class' by 'Tijs Verkoyen'.

PHP5 is required, and the PHP CuRL extension is required. Integration is more tricky, you need to set up an application on Twitter, and p…

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