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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap. Existing ocPortal member accounts have been mirrored.

Version 3.0

(Community Advertising)

ocPortal - the foundation of dreams
These banners are from members of the ocPortal community, bought with points.

Code quality checker by ocProducts

Downloads: 1,945
Added: 11 November 2005
The code quality checker is an advanced tool to check PHP code to ensure it is valid and compliant with ocProducts standards. As a full parser for PHP, the tool can find problems before code is even executed.
   It includes a strong type checker, unlike PHP which is weak typed: therefore this tool can be used to find problems that PHP would not report. The type checking is based upon the PHPDoc-style API documentation ocPortal uses throughout.
   Dozens of ch…

Installation maker by ocProducts

Downloads: 966
Added: 07 August 2006
This is the script we use to generate the ocPortal installer. As of 7th August 2006, permission is granted for people to redistribute new installation packages for ocPortal via this website. It is very important to understand that the licence and copyright law still prohibits distribution of new installation packages from other websites.

This script builds new ocPortal quick installer and manual installer zip files, from the files of an installed copy of…

ocWorld by Chris Graham

Downloads: 991
Added: 02 July 2006
ocWorld is a full zone addon for ocPortal. It adds a "multi user dungeon" (MUD) environment where members (players) may interact with each other and construct virtual worlds. The system includes an economy based on points.
There is a very carefully selected feature-set that allows interesting world interactions; quests, adventures, simulations, and other things may all be created by clever use of this feature-set.

It is released under the ocProducts open so

Tester Module by Chris Graham

Downloads: 733
Added: 02 July 2006
This module is designed for development communities.

Create tests and test groups, assign them to testers, mark test completion status, and automatically create test-attached bug reports in your forum.

Tutorials by ocProducts

Downloads: 1,373
Added: 11 November 2005
These are the tutorials, and may be placed onto an ocPortal install for reading. We prefer that the tutorials are read directly from as we do update them separately from ocPortal itself, but if you need to have access to them offline, installing them on a local webserver is an option.

WAP support by Chris Graham

Downloads: 754
Added: 02 July 2006
This is an addon that provides ocPortal functionality for WAP (Wireless Access Protocol). In other words, it allows you to use ocPortal on a mobile phone.

Functionality is intentionally limited to a carefully considered feature-set for usability reasons (having all functionality available implies clutter, and for a mobile phone, that is very bad). Still, a lot can be done: news can be added, forums can be interacted with, chat rooms can be used, Comcode…