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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap. Existing ocPortal member accounts have been mirrored.

Minimal Theme

This is MINIMAL, the version 9.0.6 theme for April.

Based on the old saying, "Less is more," it seemed like a good idea to move away from the heavily coloured themes I've put up so far and dash off a 'simple' theme, mostly white, that might appeal to those that are a bit chary of heavy colours.

Big mistake!

When I started to 'trim' away the box title backgrounds and the box borders it looked like I would need to fall back on the excuse that I was concentrating on the best use of 'whitespace'. Well, since I've never really comprehended the advice about the careful use of whitespace, it isn't necessarily how I envisaged it would turn out. What you have here is a build that is effectively a blank canvas on which you can drop your own colours - or not! For me it falls into the category of the childish riddle, "What is black and white and read (red) all over?"

The above attachment is a graphic of probably the most 'fun' part, and also the hardest. My aim was to merge the popular 'page-curl effect' into an ocPortal template. I managed it, but it took a bit of hair-pulling. I had completely overlooked that the '.box' property is used extensively in ocPortal CSS, and I decided to use the same property to call the shadow display for the effect. Bad move! To shorten the story: I renamed all my '.box' parameters to '.fbox' (for footer-box) and that's a hint for a user to build the same display for the header by naming it '.hbox' (header-box). Why didn't I include it in the build? The answer can be found appended to the end of 'global.css', and when you start trying to work out the 'rotational' and 'skew' degrees you soon realise a simple box-shadow on top is easier!

All the default button images (built by the theme wizard) can be found in the /themes/Minimal/images/ folder(s) and the important ones have been re-worked for the 'images_custom' folder and can be found in:
  • /themes/Minimal/images_custom/EN/page
  • /themes/Minimal/images_custom/EN/pageitem
  • /themes/Minimal/images_custom/EN/chatcodeeditor
  • /themes/Minimal/images_custom/EN/comcodeeditor
… having been changed to shades of 'black/gray' in the Web2.0 style so that they integrate into the theme. If a prospective user wishes to change these buttons to a colour of their choice please ask for the original PSD files as the PNG files cannot be easily adapted.

The theme includes 'panel(s)' and 'start page(s)'. The user installing the theme will get a choice whether to take the Comcode pages or not, and if they choose to do so, their own pages will be backed up as the last revision. The following panel(s) and start page(s) have been included:
  • : panel_left   
  • : panel_right - (blank)
  • : start   
  • adminzone/: start - (identical to default theme)
  • : rules - (identical to default)
  • site/: panel_left - (same as :panel_left)
  • site/: panel_right - (same as :panel_right)
  • site/: start - (same as :start)

All requests for help with this theme should be made here or in the 'Themes' forum.


Carousel display for: Home, Forums, Collab, CMS, Admin

NB: The PSD files come in 4 separate downloads, and are shown above as a single sheet for display purposes.