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GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud

Plugin name:

GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud


The GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud plugin for ocPortal allows you to embed signature forms to your websites and helps collect online signatures from partners easily.

GroupDocs.Signature is a web-based app used to sign documents and collect electronic signatures. Simply create forms, add signature fields and email documents to your partners. Once the document is signed, you and them receive instant notification. No new software installations are needed. Sign documents from your desk with a web-browser.

Description :

GroupDocs.Signature promotes a paperless environment. Avoid printing, or faxing documents. Just create a signature form from your GroupDocs account and embed it into your ocPortal website. Invite partners to sign documents online. Different signature options are available (draw, scan, or upload) to support different user groups. Instant notifications confirms completion of task and avoid confusion.

GroupDocs.Signature is safe and secure as all your documents are encrypted!.

Please note: to use this web part, you need to sign up to GroupDocs' online signature service first. Once signed up, you need to get a special ID for a Signature form. Find out how to get the ID. Also, see how to create a Signature form. For detailed instructions on how to install and use this web part, read about integration.