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What kind of website quotation to expect, and how to avoid a heart attack - Comments

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What kind of website quotation to expect, and how to avoid a heart…

Posted 28 July 2011, 9:00 AM

Most people have no idea how much a website costs, or they think they do but don't. So when it comes to getting their website quotation they can be unprepared for it.

So how much do they cost? The best response I've seen is “the same as a car”, because it summarises so well that there is actually a huge range of price and quality. A website typically cost somewhere between $500 and $100,000, with an

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The real rationale

As a sorta retired international business productivity counsellor (hatchetman) AND erstwhile end consumer of Hosting/programming services , I can give a succinct answer to the difficulties as discussed here:

1. There never was a working situation like the Internet before. EVER.
2. Never in history was innovation at such speed possible with almost instant deployment - the critical point.
3. Never were there so many ACCEPTED lies and unpunished frauds (outside Governments and royalty) in history.

The only rationale to employ in looking to the comparative values in Website development is that of haute couture (high fashion).
Fashion is not rational.
*****Any extreme differential in comparisons does automatically shut down the cognitive centres of the human brain.
Example: There is a business (extremely poorly managed) out on the Net run by a young man Markus Frend, called (TM) The Leading Free Online Dating Site for Singles & Personals which was the classic wet-dream startup on a kitchen table, literally.
His best attribute was that he was a numbers genius as a student when he started. NOT a good programmer - even started on a MSoft Server.
To this day, his tiny business structure runs on a very cheap tin infrastructure, compared to his competitors in the Dating business.
His overheads were still measured in thousands per month when his competitors were in millions.  

"Life is but a dream" as whatsisname said…..

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