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Welcome emails set up to go to newsletters will go to people who have unsubscribed (#catalogues_509) - Comments

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Title Welcome emails set up to go to newsletters will go to people who have unsubscribed
Description ocPortal allows you to configure welcome emails to go to newsletter subscribers. However it is not targeted to individual newsletters, just anyone with a newsletter account. Therefore emails may go to people who have explicitly removed themselves from all newsletters (the core accounts cannot be erased, but that is not an issue except for this bug).
Affects Users who have welcome emails set to go to newsletters
Fix In sources/hooks/systems/cron/ocf_welcome_emails.php change:


               $where=' WHERE join_time>'.strval($last_cron_time-$send_seconds_after_joining).' AND join_time<='.strval($time_now-$send_seconds_after_joining);
               $members=$GLOBALS['SITE_DB']->query('SELECT email AS m_email_address FROM '.get_table_prefix().'newsletter'.$where);


               $where=' WHERE join_time>'.strval($last_cron_time-$send_seconds_after_joining).' AND join_time<='.strval($time_now-$send_seconds_after_joining).' AND (the_level=3 OR the_level=4)';
               $members=$GLOBALS['SITE_DB']->query('SELECT AS m_email_address FROM '.get_table_prefix().'newsletter_subscribe s JOIN '.get_table_prefix().'newsletter n ON '.$where.' GROUP BY');

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