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Website and forum now closer together (#news_83)

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Website and forum now closer together (#news_83)

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Right, so how did I do this ;)? Well, ocPortal doesn't support it out of the box, but thanks to our override system and my coding knowledge, I just needed to make some very minor changes. I knew the 'do_comments' function in sources/feedback.php handled the comments, so I took that function and made some changes, and saved my new function in sources_custom/feedback.php as follows:



function do_comments($allow_comments,$module,$id,$self_url,$self_title,$forum=NULL)

   if ((get_option('is_on_comments')=='0') || (!$allow_comments)) return;

   if (!has_specific_permission(get_member(),'comment',get_page_name())) return;



   if ($post!='') enforce_captcha();


   if (is_null($forum)) $forum=get_option('comments_forum_name');

   $full_title=$self_title.' (#'.$module.'_'.$id.')';

   if ($post!='') assign_refresh($GLOBALS['FORUM_DRIVER']->topic_link($GLOBALS['FORUM_DRIVER']->get_tid_from_topic($full_title,$forum)),$forum);


This was made possible by one of our new ocPortal-3 features - per-function overriding. I just wanted to change one function so instead of overriding a whole file full of them (which would have caused conflicts should I need to fix yet-unknown bugs in those) I just did one.

I admit that whilst this is a nice architectural thing, most people don't know how to code PHP. However lots do and I'm hoping more people will be publishing this kind of thing in addon form in the future.

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