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Using to turn websites into mobile apps - Comments

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Using to turn websites into mobile apps

Posted 15 August 2011, 12:34 PM

You've all seen touch screen interfaces, whether it be the Windows 8 demo, the Sports Illustrated concept, sci-fi interfaces like on Minority Report or Star Trek (LCARS), or actual apps for iOS or Android. There are some key differences between these interfaces (we'll use the term 'apps'), and websites:

  1. Websites are mouse and keyword driven, apps are touch driven.
  2. Websites are viewed on large screens

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This is kind of a grimy way to do this but I think if you set up your site to ajax in iframes of the different zones and wrap your content div with a div that is set to overflow:hidden and set your content div to position:absolute top left right and bottom all to 0px you can then put your menu underneath the content div and it won't be visible to users but will be readable by the bots so they know which pages to index next.  Doing it this way all of your other pages are still real web pages that can be viewed by people who find them in a search.  I think I'll dub this method as hillbilly ajax because the iframes aren't going to load nearly as fast as some normal style ajax files with no head or css but you could always add some kind of distractor function that goes off while the frame loads.  I don't know if the bots trip out or not if they see javascript links first or not so you could put the nav lower in the html and then reposition it with the css just in case.  I'm working on something now that I'll provide the files for when I'm done.  Well everything except the css.

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