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upload a backup

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upload a backup

I have a backup of my old site and I wish to upload it into my new site. Both are using this software - although the old site was the old version.

Can I do this? If so, how?


Follow my trials and tribulations here and here

It should all work out fine. I only attempted this with a 'closed' site, but I can't see how it will adversely affect a 'live' one, especially if you follow the 'import tute'.

Good luck.


Oh boy!  I wish there was a simple way.  

Thank you for the input.

If you want to merge the old site with the new (keeping the content from both, then you should follow Fletch's advice.

If you don't need to merge, and you just want to use the older backup-version, then I'd suggest: uploading the backup to the server, restoring it to live/working order, and then upgrading it to the latest version of ocPortal. Instructions about restoring from a backup can be found here: ocPortal Tutorial: Backing up your site -


haven said

Oh boy! I wish there was a simple way.
It IS relatively simple. Just use the 'ocPortal merge' importer. The bugs have been ironed out by Chris.

Bookmark the two threads I referred you to in case you hit a brick wall, and keep the 'tute' open in your browser so that you can quickly refer to it. And if you are using the 'merge' importer, don't forget to use the built-in Tools menu to de-cache 'Topics', 'Forums' and 'Members'.

Reading back I note that you already have your database backed up, so I'm not sure which importer would suit you best. Perhaps a bit more info here will get a response from the staff as to the best way forward.

Good luck - sincerely!

Looks like Robbie got in while I was typing ...


Humm, the tutorial doesn't help me too much.  

I lost my host and had to change.  Now I reinstalled ocPortal onto my new server and now I've uploaded the last backup into cpanel.  

I just need to know how to make the backup work so I can bring my site live again.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

I am NOT very experienced with this sort of thing.

Willing to help with this, haven, because my circumstances are identical to yours. I didn't actually lose my hosts; I dumped them!

However, here is/was the scenario:
  • old host, old site, old version (3.x.x), site closed down
  • new host, new version(s) (4.x.x & 5.x.x), new build
  • new host allows multiple domains on single account, so uploaded old db and files from my disk, and configured site. It worked, so now I had TWO versions of ocP running off the same host, same domain, but different sitename folders.
  • Imported/merged old 3.x.x site to new 5.x.x site
The rest is history, as detailed in the two links I gave you.

Don't know if your site is live, but in any case it pays to backup EVERYTHING in case it all goes TU.

If you want more detail for each action, PT me and I will try and give you enough information to avoid the pitfalls.

Good luck.


Just re-read your post. Your site is NOT live - yet - so not much to lose with your import/merge actions provided you have good backups.

Suggest you 'install' the old site using the saved db and site folders/files off your local hard drive by editing the 'config' information and running the 'install.php' file for that version. Once that version is up and running again you have several choices, and one is to 'upgrade' to the newer versions, incrementally, until you have a current working site with the current ocP version. The alternative is the import/merge option.


We got your support ticket Haven, ChrisW is now looking into it.

Thanks Fletch and Chris.

I pretty much have everything imported. I had everything in the importer correct but changed the last setting from 15 to 99 and presto … it worked.

There are a few items that did not transfer because I get a stack trace error so I'll work a bit on those. Some of the forums appear to have no content and the members' post counts did not transfer (I suspect they will once I work through the items that are giving me errors.)

Thank you again for your continued help! :thumbs:


I just ran the the Website Cleanup Tool and everything is as it should be! Thanks again guys.


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