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Trying out Opera 10 (#news_174) - Comments

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Trying out Opera 10

Posted 04 September 2009, 4:38 PM

This is some feedback on Opera. One of the Opera employees caught me twittering and said I should report usability issues, but I can only find where to report bugs on the site (after only a quick look) – so I am posting this in a blog post. Other people may find it interesting anyway.

The browser toolbar on e.g. Firefox takes two close-together clicks to open a familiar site from somewhere you are already…

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Thanks for the great feedback!

Hi Chris,
actually it was somebody's blog on My Opera that brought me to the site (your CMS looks great and is very well presented BTW, I'm going to try it out at some point!) - from there I followed links to twitter, where I was happy to see you twittering about Opera 10 :). I intended to send you my E-mail address but I ran out of characters - a blog post is of course even better ;)

Good points all around - some answers here:

* Speed dial - if you use the shortcuts ([ctrl]+relevant number) you can jump from anywhere to your chosen site. You can also use the back button until you get to the speed dial screen.

* Dragonfly reloads - this occurs when you select a page to debug, in order to set up JavaScript debugging environment. You can disable the automated re-load in Dragonfly preferences, in this case you'll have to re-load manually before using the JavaScript debug functionality.

We'll be working on the other stuff. Happy debugging :)

Hallvord R. M. Steen (hallvord at opera if you have questions or issues)

Great :).

With speed dial, it'd be pretty cool if you could do something like hold down alt and have it overlay across the browser window (until you stop pressing alt); from this mode a speeddial click would replace the tab you're on. Hot keys are nice, but I for sure cannot remember more than a hand full of them.
Slight errata to my blog post: it's one click to open a Firefox toolbar link, not two.

The problem with the back button, is I do a lot of "Open in background tab" and I don't think one of those tabs would go back as far as Speeddial.

Also on DragonFly, generally make it as easy to manipulate styles as on Firebug. Firebug has revolutionised web development (and raised expectations), and a lot of people use the CSS editing intensely. It needs to be really easy and intuitive to add, remove, and disable styles.

Thanks again, it's great you're being receptive and active. If I get more issues I'll e-mail you.

And one more thing I've noticed, the Error Console can get full of errors about missing CSS properties that are browser extension ones. It should be smart enough to filter out anything that starts with "-" (e.g. -moz-border-radius or -webkit-border-radius).

A couple more things with tabs…

I really miss Firefox's ctrl+click to open in a new tab. I've read there are workarounds, but at the very least it should be a setting you can tweak visually - it shouldn't involve opera:config.

If you open a lot of tabs, the tabs get too tiny to click. Firefox hides the excess ones behind a little dropdown if there are too many.

Lots of tabs and ctrl+click are things I quite commonly do if for example working through a lot of pages checking them.

tabs and ctrl-click

Opera had shift-click to open in new tab and ctrl-shift-click to open in background tab since Opera 2 or something  :P I was sure it could be changed to ctrl-click for shift-click in the shortcut options but surprisingly the only thing I found was
Ctrl click link in background in Opera, plus all target blank links in background. - User JavaScript - Opera Community

Enabling the extender menu on tabs is trivial though: right-click the tab bar, choose customize > appearance and change the "Wrapping" setting.

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