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Thoughts on Flash (#news_194) - Comments

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Thoughts on Flash

Posted 28 May 2010, 3:24 PM

I just had a small moment of curiosity. Apple has been moving in the direction of consumer/mobile products for quite some time now (in a way, Apple is the new Sony) so I decided to check their front page and see what was advertised. No surprise at all that it is iPad-dominated rather than Mac-dominated. Apple did rename themselves from 'Apple Computers' to 'Apple Inc' so it's pretty clear where their focus…

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A well balanced report

I agree with your assessment.

It is no surprise that Apple has been blocking alternative ways into their platform, including flash.

Restricting development to compiled languages, one does tend to keep out the riff raff. However, there is just too much money involved to ignore the marketing angle here. Also, don't forget that there is a generation of consumers that have grown up with the iTunes business model and accept this level of control without question.

I find the vitriolic attacks on Flash largely unfounded. When I want to have complex code running on a web client, there really is no other choice. HTML5 is not (yet) as universal as Flash. I know that Flash will run on my mother's computer while HTML5 may not.

As for open source - I use haXe. It is a well-designed language that can compile to a range of platforms, including Flash and JavaScript. I find that literate code written for Flash is surprisingly compact, reasonably efficient, and it's performance quite solid. I have found no problems with Flash at all.

I have no prejudice against HTML5/JavaScript. Flash and JavaScript are very similar in many regards. I chose Flash because it is more prevalent right now. This can change.

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