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The weird world of changing markets (#news_195) - Comments

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The weird world of changing markets

Posted 03 June 2010, 3:00 PM

When we started ocPortal we were competing with PHP-Nuke and ocPortal was an extension to forum software. ocPortal allowed people with forums to also have websites really easily.

Things have changed enormously since then. I've learnt so much about how markets change during a period of such enormous innovation, and it's often really surprising what happens. What is a powerful social movement one month, can have evolved into something else another, or completely…

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I think all of this can be summerized as "I can post from my phone!"


I maybe one of few, but I found this to be an interesting read. I haven't used ocPortal terribly long, maybe two years or so but even during that short time I have watched other open source cms products seemingly play catch up to things that ocportal users already can do. For example, the integrated OCF. This is still a rarity today, with other big name cms'es having to require a third party plugin for a forum, or the not-so-easy bridging of a third party forum. In fact I can think of only a few that have a forum, that being e107, and the nuke cms's (although there's are always some modified phpbb). It had always been a sore spot with me when looking for a CMS that was incredibly flexible, provided the tools I needed and wanted, and a fully integrated forum. It was not an easy task, and if you look today,it still isn't an easy task, something that ocPortal saw too way ahead of the others and something I am most grateful for.

The forum integration is only one of many things though. The whole CEDI system, the catalogs, the galleries, 'blogs', chat… others still are playing catch up here, typically offering them as 3rd party plug-ins.

But I think that perhaps one of the largest revelations I've made about just how far ahead of the game ocPortal is, was made just the other day. A user gleefully posted on the forum that they made the post with their phone, a blackberry I believe it was. I couldn't help but to be amazed. You see, I don't have a cell phone to test this with (I do.. but the web rates are way to high since I got the phone for making phone calls and not surfing the web.. call me old fashion…), nor did I take any time to hunt down any modified phone-based theme or plug-in for phone browser capability as you would have to do for software such as joomla and e107. No, admittedly I never gave a thought to the use of the phone on my site, having settled on the idea that I'd likely just have to miss out on attracting that crowd. So yes, I was most pleasantly surprised when I saw that post, and then even more to find that that I have had at least 4 other members who have been happily using and browsing the site on their various cell phones, since the site first opened up.

So yes, in conclusion, I have to agree with your article. The emerging and changing desires of the webmarket are indeed fascinating, and while before I would have worried about how my site would keep up with such, now thanks to ocportal I do not.

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