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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

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State of the union - Comments

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State of ocPortal today

Posted 11 September 2011, 3:11 PM
Hi all,

I think we've reached a point with the ocPortal product where things are pretty darned sweet:
  • Most features people need are there
  • ocPortal runs very smoothly and stably
  • There's a wealth of themes available
  • There's a wealth of extra addons available
  • The community forums are active, full of helpful people
  • We have a crowdsourced effort to release more scenario-based documentation, which people are plugging away in, and anyone can jump in to

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Thanks for posting this. It really helps to provide us with your view of a way forward with ocPortal.

As I've posted elsewhere, I am willing to pledge 15 support credits to item 134. Today, I will up that to 20 support credits - that's one-third the project cost. I hope people review this project and think about how it will help them to improve their sites and then join me in getting to the 60 credits required to get the job done.


This is great to see. I like the list. I thought of feature I'd like to see: Digital Downloads Commerce. Instead of having to use points system to create a digital downloads sale I would prefer to use the ecommerce system. Perhaps with an approval process (or workflow type thing) so that a link to the download is generated and emailed to buyer after approval. I think this would be a good feature that is not listed above. That said what I like most in the above lists are the facebook thing and most of the catalogue work.

I have to go pitch a new client potential on a website deal soon so perhaps what I might do is use ocPortal as a base for this client and see if I can't work in some funds for sponsoring some of the work. I know this client is small and couldn't afford a big investment so part of my deal with him will be a barter for some of his product but if he can afford a few bucks I'll reinvest a portion of it for some credit points too. I'll hope for at least the second third of that categories sponsorship to match Bob or if there's enough maybe the 2/3rds. We shall see. Haven't spoke to him yet so I probably shouldn't be jinxing myself. lol


Every little bot helps. Good luck with your pitch.

I think Chris really did a good job summarizing both where we are and what things offer us site owners/developers a way forward. Even though my project has no budget, I am committed to being a part of that way forward. ocPortal has caused me grief and frustration due to my skill(less) level of coding but I fully recognize that is had made possible something I'd not likely achieve otherwise.


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