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Safari browser incorrectly identified as Gecko browser (#catalogues_441)

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This is a spacer post for an ocPortal comment topic. The content this topic relates to: Safari browser incorrectly identified as Gecko browser

I remember this being reported a few weeks back so its good to see a fix.  :thumbs:

I must have missed that report somehow. I only noticed myself as I've been trying out the new Windows version of Safari (released yesterday).

I just remember as it was reported by a friend and when I tried it on our mac box here the Wysiwyg did not work.
I assumed when the firefox issue was fixed that that was fixed as well as they were reported around the same time.

ocPortal - View topic: safari issue
The second guest in that thread is me but the first is not.
Not sure why one of my posts in there was a thread unless that was done from our mac computer or my friends computer. I really do not remember but its good to see it fixed.  :thumbs:

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