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Problems with XML data sync (#catalogues_507) - Comments

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Title Problems with XML data sync
Description Non-ASCII characters (e.g. special symbols, or non-latin alphabetic characters) cause problems with the data sync.

Also, spaces may appear within multi-line content.
Affects Most users with non-trivial databases
Fix In sources/xml_storage.php change:


   $xml_data=unixify_line_format($xml_data,$parser_charset); // Fixes Windows characters


   $xml_data=unixify_line_format('<'.'?xml version="1.0" encoding="'.xmlentities($parser_charset).'"?'.'>'.$xml_data,$parser_charset); // Fixes Windows characters

and change:


return preg_replace('#(^|\n)#','${1}'."\t",$in);


return $in;

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