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Previews not working - Comments

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Title Previews not working
Description Some of the previews (the ones with custom-coded layout, not the ones in tables) show as blank.
Affects All users
Fix Fix for sources/preview.php attached.
Fix files preview.php

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Preview not working

This did not fix the preview issue for me.  Now I don't get the checkbox for the mobile preview.  The preview area is all white (before it had the theme lt blue color on the page).   This file replaced the preview.php file in the data directory.  



If you check the details carefully it mentions the 'sources/preview.php' file. I have attached both preview.php files below so you can upload the latest copies of both.

» Download: preview.php (2 Kb, 104 downloads so far)
» Download: preview.php (9 Kb, 85 downloads so far)

Great, that took care of it.  thank you!

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