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Portal Conflict (#downloads_356) - Comments

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Portal Conflict by Jean Gosselin

Downloads: 1,691
Added: 01 November 2010
You can view the Site HERE

The purpose of this theme is to serve as demo to my "Tutorial: A Gaming Community Theme (Part 1)", which have now both been upgraded and updated to the latest version of ocPortal 5.0.3. I've also reduced the Flash Header size by 2/3 and offered a transparent substitute Header for those not wanting to deploy flash on their website.

The Tutorial is to show how easy it is to transform the default fluid design theme with a fixed-width…

Terrific stuff, Jean.

This should draw prospective users when they realise that it really is simplicity itself to 're-do' the basic theme to suit one's own aesthetic requirements.

Unlike mythus I am a bit ambivalent about the use of Flash. I can take it or leave it, but I would always prefer the sound to be turned off at start-up. Hey, that's a personal preference!

I think I shall copy your work ethic and build a test site on my shared server. My need to continue to have a version 3.x.x site on the server is becoming less and less a necessity. I think most of the stuff has now been copied across.

Keep on 'themeing'. I think we're all glad that you manage to throw up the 'alternatives' for the doubters.


About the use of Flash versus JS

Great work however I would like to see more JS than the use of Flash. Are there options for JS animations?

About screen width: Using Firefox 5.0 at screen resolution of 1024 x 768, the page has a slight scroll left to right. which looks as though it is not resizing to width=100%.


Veru good your thema!Congatulations! Polegares:

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