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PHP cache extensions sure needs some work - Comments

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PHP cache extensions sure needs some work

Posted 26 January 2011, 8:24 PM

PHP cache extensions: So many choices, so many bugs!

There are quite a few extensions for PHP designed to accelerate scripts and to be able to cache data between requests (so it doesn't need constantly reloading from disk/database):

  • eaccelerator
  • APC
  • xcache
  • wincache (Windows-only)
  • (Zend optimizer - defunct/does not cache)
  • (mmcache - the predecessor to eaccelerator, defunct)
  • (ioncube - defunct)
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Way above my pay grade, but not completely lost on me.

I have a 'sponge-like' memory that remembers I've read something about the subject although I may not remember the detail.

This is information I've never read before, so at least it is information that will cache itself somewhere and get recalled IF necessary.



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