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Oxygen Icons (#downloads_360) - Comments

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Oxygen Icons by ChrisW

Downloads: 3,188
Added: 24 November 2010
This theme replaces many of ocPortal's default icons with those from the Oxygen project , which makes icons primarily for the KDE Software Compilation. I've stuck to the image sizes used by default, so these should just drop-in, and I've tried to stick to the same subject matter where possible. This theme falls back to the default for everything except the icons, so it should be fine for the admin and CMS zones too. Hope you enjoy :)

Thanks for the hard work, ChrisW. I'm sure they will come in handy for themers who want to produce something "just a little bit different"!

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Where could I view demo?

Hi Beata. I haven't got a demo site available, but this theme is used on Welcome to the Free Software Society at the University of Sheffield - Sheffield University Free Software Society . Since this is a live site you won't be able to access areas like the admin zone, but feel free to browse around. Note that the forum used on that site is PHPBB2, and thus looks completely different to ocPortal ;)

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