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Okay, so I'm confused

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Okay, so I'm confused

I upgraded a test site from 6.1.1 to 7.0.1 and the upgrade seemed to go okay. The upgrader reported some files were missing which I FTPed into place. It also reported the following:
These files are outdated (you can find the correct versions in the manual installer ZIP for the version you're running; ignore any files that you have knowingly replaced as official bug fixes):


Never mind that this is an empty file on both the test site and in the manual installer package, I copied the file from the manual installer into place and re-ran the File Integrity checker. The other messages disappeared but I still get the above. It doesn't seem like this would have much effect (both files are empty), but why am I getting this message?

Thanks for any help.


Please ignore this, it is a mistake in what the upgrader is checking.

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