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ocWorld (#downloads_203)

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If I install this do I need the points that come with ocportal?


Thanks I might install this as the inferno RPG for IPB is gone (Closed their site the start of this month) and need some thing to replace it.


I do not understand how to download this… will  someone be a dear and explain it to me? :$

Go to this link:

ocPortal - Download: ocWorld

On the right had side, 2nd box down you will see a download box. Click Start.

for me doesent work

Dear all,

You know that i have cipied all the files to my hosting, but I didnt see any changes??
How can I activate this?? :o  :P


Try opening http://baseurl/ocworld/ by URL. The file is meant to be installed via ocPortal's addon functionality, which will extract it and set it up. However it can be placed manually so long as you trigger the URL manually, which will cause the new zone to auto-install upon-first-use.

Does anyone have this running to show as an example?
Perhaps a demo is in order?

Why is the import addons downloading version 4.0?

Is there some way to update that?

In the mean time, I'll install this version manually I guess.


I just did a little test, and it seems to be importing this… - Download: ocWorld

Which is under 4.1. Could you clarify please :)?

The Addons module shows it as version 4.0  not 4.1

That's were the confusion came from on my side.

Question:  who still plays  MUD games?

No offense, I have ocworld install and I'm messing around with it… but seriously who would play this? or want to join my site to play this?

Does OCP have some stats on MUD popularity in this day and age?

Ah right. Version 4 is the modules own tracking number, not really directly related to the ocPortal version number :).

I'm yet to install ocWorld on a site, other than the site it was originally built for. I think it works well for certain kinds of close-knit fan community sites - they get a virtual world to interact in to complement their community, but I certainly agree it's not for all.

I tired it on my site months ago and it is not as popular on my site as the 2 other rpg systems I have.
If ocworld was more like the inferno rpg I think more people would be interested in it, specially now that inferno rpg is gone.

Elgg, do you still have it up? I just want to see the basics of what it looks like WITHOUT having to install it first.

No when I switched to word press I dumpted it.

Yeah, i figured you wouldn't have it up  :lol:

But it looks like Elgg installed it just to take a peak and wondering if he still has it up or if he dumped it. I don't want to install it on my current sites using ocPortal and too lazy to start up another one just to add this. That's why I was hoping someone had a demo up.

Nevermind Elgg. I decided to open my own test site with ocPortal. Going to use it for further testing purposes only. Will not be a public site and will use it to test all the goodies that are contributed to ocPortal… including ocWorld.


I run all this stuff in a local dev environment (test setup on my local computer).

I don't push out to the web until it's ready to go public beta.

Glad to see you got a handle on it.  ;)

Yup, now I run my own testing site. It's to the web but it's all private. I have just about all the add-ons implemented on different ocPortal installations.

I play GemStone IV and think this would have potential for a fansite to it. Sort of like a home inside a home of GemStone IV. For instance, there are Houses and Guilds in GemStone IV. One could easily create a separate section off the game area and into ocWorld for their private clubs and such… and interact both within the game and ocWorld. And I then I could do some more ocPortal advertising with this and bring more people into our fun community family here.

I'm detecting some "magic" here Eric or am I just imagining things?

It seems U and I go toe to toe on many posts. :lol:

And I still can't seem to get the dreaded 3rd smile :offtopic:

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