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ocThanks by Chris Graham

Downloads: 429
Added: 24 May 2011
The ocThanks addon makes it easier to see the top performing members in a community. It adds a 'stars' block that ranks members on how many points they have been given in a certain category (also it changes the points module to allow selection of such categories when giving points). It also adds a block to show recent points transfers. Finally, it adds a line to member's profile screens that says how many topics they have created, and how many they have re…

editing category names


Appreciating this add-on. I can't find where we can edit the list of category names (themeing genius, programming god, etc.)

They're inside the POINTS_GIVE template.

Thanks. For some reason the search function wasn't finding any key words such as 'genius'. I should have taken the time to manually look through the template list.

Ah, I see you're right. We'll make that work. Unfortunately I can only make the admin search do the templates_custom directory because doing a full templates search took 21 seconds extra when I just tested it, but just doing templates_custom will work nicely for the addons which do tend to have things slapped straight into templates more.

Thank you Chris

Just want to say thank you and I really love this cms. Haveing tirelessly playing with it, and the more I learn about it the more I love it. It has so many smart yet hidden functionalities and its really fun to work with. I will try to make some contributions when I have time, although not very good with code but at least I can make a langruage like add-on like Chinese. Once again, thank you so much Chris, as I see your name everywhere in the code. It must took you tons of hours to develop this whole package. Lily

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