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ocProducts announces ocPortal 7 with HTML6 - Comments

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ocProducts announces ocPortal 7 with HTML6

Posted 31 March 2011, 11:52 PM

Press release: 1st April 2011. ocProducts Ltd, Sheffield, United Kingdom

ocProducts is very proud to unveil ocPortal 7, the latest iteration of its leading ocPortal content management system (CMS). ocPortal 7 enables website administrators and developers to leverage a host of innovative new technologies to take ocPortal-driven websites to the next level.

Collaborating with Intel, ocProducts has developed the God of web-standards:…

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April Fool

Common, This is Obvious April Fool Message.

Thanks  :P

Read it all. Eyes glazed over, but appreciated the effort.

More importantly, got to the end, followed the link, donated, and feel much better for it.

Good one!


Good news, Microsoft's IE team has responded positively…

Microsoft said

Thank you for your email, we are looking into your issue.

Serious discussions have been initiated with the Google Chrome Team.

Btw, we have decided to rename "brand style language" to just "brand stylesheets" ("BS" for short).

And I was looking for this ocPortal v7

Fun to read, thanks! :thumbs:

I think i'll stick with my ocP 6 :cool:

Very nice :0)
In the beginning i was taking it really serious - and was thinking "Oh MY WITH A GERMAN KEYBOARD?!" and afterwards i felt.. like a fool believing it ><
 :$  :(  :ninja:  :o

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