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ocPortal Video Tutorials now available (#news_159) - Comments

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ocPortal Video Tutorials now available

Posted 29 May 2009, 2:57 AM

To further meet our goal of improving your experience learning ocPortal, we're very happy to announce that we are rolling out a series of video tutorials.

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I love the idea. I have only just started to watch one and had to stop it to comment on it. Please Please Please keep them coming. This is so much better/easier than trying to figure out what to do through some hi tech speak, videos are awesome.

I will now go back and watch the rest of the videos, then come back and comment further. Thanks for your time and efforts Allen.



QuickTime is NOT something I allow into my system deliberately.

I was intrigued and interested and so WANTED to watch these vids, but I guess I'll have to wait until you make other viewing platforms available.

What happens when you try to view them? It should be showing a link to YouTube if you don't have quicktime and don't want to install it.
If you search YouTube for 'ocportal' they'll come up :).


Chris Graham said

What happens when you try to view them?

A new, blank, popup window opens and I am 'invited' to install QT. If I choose not to, that's all I get.

I'll give YouTube a go …

P.S. That's using IE. I haven't tried FF yet, but I'll give it a try in a mo!

P.S.2. FF gives the choice and link to YouTube. Watched a couple of the vids. Congrats Allen. Very professional and easy to follow. I shall return to view the rest - SOON!

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Thanks :)


you guys keep these videos up,, nd u ill rock the place up

it pro's work

A Wonderful Set of Videos! Professionally done and to the point.

I was busy creating some tutorials for my classes using Photoshop and many pointing arrows O_o , while these were available and with a lot more information than I could include on a series of "tableaux".
I should have checked here, of course!

Thank you, and please keep them coming. :thumbs:

OH WOW these are great videos, Kudos. helped in understand more in shorter time. looking forward to seeing more.

dream request:

keeping my eye out maybe next time? hint hint…  :wub:

These tutorials are awesome !!!! Please keep them going

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