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ocPortal 4.3 RC1 released! (#news_181) - Comments

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ocPortal 4.3 RC1 released!

Posted 26 November 2009, 2:30 AM

4.3 RC1 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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Completely fails

Upgrading from 4.2.2 to 4.3 fails, also a fresh installation fails.


I can confirm a fresh installation did fail when I tested over the weekend. It only seems to work when installing over the top of an old version.

I'm not sure why an upgrade would fail though, as despite there being a few bugs, a few people have upgraded their sites already. Any information you might have would be helpful.

I should explain 4.3 RC1 is something we recommended people not upgrade live sites too, and it's filed under 'Bleeding edge' – intentionally as we were concerned there might be some issues due to the internal changes. It's best to stick to 4.2.2 for now, although 4.3 RC2 or 4.3 final should be out soon.

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