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ocPortal 7.1.4 released - Comments

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ocPortal 7.1.4 released

Posted 17 August 2011, 8:21 PM

7.1.4 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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Thank you ocPortal Team for your usual good diligence in bringing us these fixes while adding even more functionality like the IOTD block that can now have custom thumbnailing. :cool:

However, I could not find how to enable this new feature while installing/editing the IOTD block. Is there a new comcode value parameter available?


It's just a new parameter into the template, I put it in in one of friendly's topics.


Chris Graham said

It's just a new parameter into the template, I put it in in one of friendly's topics.

Thanks for pointing me to the right source Chris!

But, what threw me off in the first place is that the template did not have an additional parameter. After downloading the 7.1.3-7.1.4.tar, I can confirm that the IOTD.tpl is not part of it, but the new main_iotd.php is in the sources–blocks.


Jean, there must also an new IOTD template file. But the parameter is in the php file.

Oke update was going smooth, only I see that the point-leader board lose some info and is somehow to width for the panel now. This only happen by upgrade from 7.1.3 to 7.1.4

No changes have been made to the leader-board. It will update each week if configured to do so. I don't think it was ever designed to fit into a panel in the default templates, a long username could cause that in particular.

Chris this a little strange, I believe you about the panel for this is maby not the right place.
But I have made two screenshots.

First the upgrade from 7.1.3 tot 7.1.4 This was good working in 7.1.3

Second to a fresh 7.1.4 install.

greets  Harry

The leader board saves independently of the block parameters, and only updates each week to whatever the block's latest parameters are. So you may previously have set staff=0, then the next week updated with this so 'Harry' disappeared but another user with a long rank image appeared. Or vice-versa.

Thanks for the explanation Chris.

I have successfully upgraded both my development and main site with what is a pretty clean upgrade.

Thanks ocPortal team.


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