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ocPortal 7.1.1 released - Comments

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ocPortal 7.1.1 released

Posted 01 July 2011, 7:54 PM

7.1.1 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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You weren't kidding when you said the release was imminent.

Thanks to you and the entire ocPortal team for all your hard work. I am more and more reassured every day that I made the right choice with ocPortal.


Just upgraded to 7.1.1 with no obvious negative issues. Another job well done Chris and company :thumbs::thumbs:

Good to hear.

Once again,working up the nerve to push the button.


Push it Bob, I did and it went perfect :)

I pushed it. Another happy upgrader (so far).

I wish there was a way to import/export the language files. I can make the changes so much faster in a text editor and then re-import the file.

Am I missing something?


Save individual strings to lang_custom/EN/whatever.ini ; those are overrides unaffected by upgrades

issues with image fader module

After upgrade I get an image appearing on the top left hand corner of the image fader module I have not had any other problem  with upgrade is this a bug that I should report ? …  or sothing to do with my setting
I am using Fire fox 3.xx

Try putting a Comcode 'surround' tag around the block.

Sorry, webbler does not have access to use the 'block' Comcode tag (usage blocked).


Sorry, webbler does not have access to use the 'block' Comcode tag (usage blocked).

Te post is taking for ever and could not modify my last post … The surround comcode did not work I will send the code over email.

Last edit: by webbler

Ah right, I think I got that email and said to post on the forum, lol. I'll have a look soon– if it's a bug of some kind I can help, but otherwise I probably still would need to consider that a support issue.

Does this template fix it?

» Download: BLOCK_MAIN_IMAGE_FADER.tpl (1.15 Kb, 286 downloads so far)

Thank you very much Chris
Yes the fix work right away.
This image fader addon   had been working fine till I upgraded to 7.1.1
But all is well now…. thanks to you and your team :thumbs:

Same problems in forums

I'm getting the exact same message as stated above ('block comcode' message) in the forums.  However it does not appear for 'regular' users or for 'admin' users.  It's appearing for those users who have been given complete access to the forums (i.e. delete / edit all posts).  Is this also a template issue that can be corrected?

There are too many online users to list.
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