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ocPortal 7.0.1 released - Comments

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ocPortal 7.0.1 released

Posted 26 May 2011, 3:20 PM

7.0.1 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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That was AGGRESSIVE. Broke my display from the 'get-go' despite me telling it (nay, commanding it) not to touch my custom theme!

All back to normal again after restoring the 'last-good' global.css …


You clicked the 'Do a file integrity scan, without automatic theme upgrading' on the right and it still made changes?

I have just run tests and it certainly shouldn't happen.

But the buttons only differ with the word 'out' in a long string of text, so I have added asterisks around the words 'with' and 'without' to stop it being unclear.

7.0 list of upgrades


Thanks for all the upgrades. I saw on the list this one:

- The main_content/main_multi_content block can now operate without 'add' or 'archive' links if you turn them off via a new block option

I tried to apply this and wanted to let you know that the option is there for main_content block but not for main_multi_content block. I even tried pasting the no_links code into an existing main_multi_content block and it didn't have any effect.

Ah, yes I see that was missed. Change attached:
» Download: BLOCK_MAIN_MULTI_CONTENT.tpl (564 Bytes, 320 downloads so far)
» Download: main_multi_content.php (19 Kb, 324 downloads so far)
» Download: blocks.ini (26 Kb, 314 downloads so far)

Are fixes immediately rolled into the current version? For instance, if I were to upgrade to 7.0.1 today, would the above fixes be included or do I need to search out any patches made since 7.0.1 was released?


No, once a version is released it is almost never re-released.

However, I would not recommend going around and thinking you need to apply every fix you see posted. ocPortal is huge software so the chance of any particular fix being 'needed' is low.


Bob, I believe that fixes like above are rolled into the main software but will only be available in the next patch version they release. When they release a version, it stands as it is, without modification, until you see the next release announced.

Chris, thank you for the above fixes. With the upgrade to 7.0 and 7.0.1, I see a new issue in the member profile page. Since this might be a universal issue, I'm sharing here rather than as a private bug support ticket. (If these things should only be submitted as a bug support ticket, let me know.)

The breadcrumbs are running into the member name, shown in the attachment. This occurs at any screen width. Looks like the template for member profile needs to move down at bit. I looked at some long breadcrumbs in other areas of the site like image gallery and those are still functioning okay (member's gallery name is pushed below the breadcrumb).

This is a bug in Firefox. Attached is a work-around. I have placed a fix directly on your site just now because you had your own version of this template.

» Download: OCF_MEMBER_PROFILE_SCREEN.tpl (11 Kb, 309 downloads so far)

Thank you very much!

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