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ocPortal 6.2 RC1 released! - Comments

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ocPortal 6.2 RC1 released!

Posted 01 May 2011, 11:54 PM

6.2 RC1 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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Nice update. I hope for the new Theme to turn up shortly as well :0)

uhh.. btw wordwrap - how about centering long usernames? See mine here or on


Nachtwind said

uhh.. btw wordwrap - how about centering long usernames? See mine here or on

Actually, it IS centred, but you can try removing or reducing the 'padding: 0 20px;' in '.ocf_topic_poster_name' in 'ocf.css'.


Increase the column width.


Yeah, good suggestion Fletch, put that padding to 10 here and looks better next to the avatars too.

looks better. Will you introduce that into the next update? I really dont like fiddling with the CSS as it may break (from previous experience with other systems *cough*smf*/cough* all too often everything or at updates.

removed it (set to 0) because some nicknames still were too long. But thanks anyway :0)

Last edit: by Nachtwind

It's not on the cards at the moment as we're not looking to rock the boat too much on ocPortal and risk future stability (there could be loads of bugs in what we've done, as we only have a subset of features enabled here). But I have attached the CSS/template files where it comes from if people are very curious.


sweet :0)

Now all i need to remember is what version i had in order to upgrade to the rc ^^

*edit* the new templates didnt work :0(
I hope you will incoporate soon as it looks much.. smoother here than it does on our forum (though i always liked the look of that one much more still than any other BB system..)

Last edit: by Nachtwind

Well you can see most of it works. It's just what I attached contains all our other changes too, so you'd need to carefully examine them using a tool like winmerge/diffmerge/kompare.

yeah… it was just now i realized this site uses a totally different layout. the important stuff works but i reverted it until it is stable from your side :0)

Nice changes still

Javascript Error

Getting this error after upgrading. I cleared my cache, etc.

160: smURL is null

Have you tried clearing your browser cache? This should be one of the bugs fixed in this version, and smURL is not referenced in line160 of your latest version of this file.


Clearing the browser cache worked.

I hope that you are referring to any amendment to the language files no matter how small, where the process of translation into any language other than English, will be affected for sure.
Because of the successive updates I spent a lot of time searching for differences in the language files that I had translated, rather than completing the translation of the rest of the files .
So please, inform us and try to specify if any changes were made in any language file according the new released features to go forward these changes instead of searching all files every time a new update is released

thank you

We're trying to encourage people to translate on Launchpad. Each time we update the English pack on there it automatically shows what translated strings are no longer up-to-date.

But also the criticise language pack feature in ocPortal is very useful.

Any changes we make to existing strings are very small and not required, it is usually just usability.
However if you're very bothered about them a tool like WinMerge can be used to compare the lang/EN directories of two different ocPortal versions and automatically show the differences.

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