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ocPortal 6 RC1 released! - Comments

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ocPortal 6 RC1 released!

Posted 21 February 2011, 3:36 PM

6 RC1 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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Done enough of these by now, not to be taken by surprise.

Went through the motions on my 'test' site and that was successful. Went through the motions on my 'live' site, and that too was successful.

Sat back with a satisfied sigh of relief, walked the dog, had my evening meal (between 2030 and 2130 - we eat late in Portugal), walked the dog again, and settled down to do a bit of work on the site(s).


Did the whole upgrade thingy yet again, but cannot get away from this …

To reiterate:
  • Upgrade on both sites went without a hitch
  • Version information, initially, indicated that both sites had been successfully upgraded to RC1
  • A couple of hours later both sites indicating that they required an upgrade
  • This information is not browser specific

Any clues?


It's a glitch in our versioning system, after a fix earlier today. Obviously going from RC1 to beta 2 isn't an upgrade, so I'll take a look tomorrow to see if I can work it out.



AIPman1 said

Ok, I'm back in action since switching hosts for my sites ( and hey, Brian Hay rocks folks, I will be promoting his web hosting far and wide )

Thanks  :)  !!

Fix attached.
» Download: editprofile.php (12 Kb, 390 downloads so far)

will test that now, then will upgrade to RC2 as well…and then I'll test before sending in the other error i just found….

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