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ocPortal 6 beta1 released! - Comments

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ocPortal 6 beta1 released!

Posted 27 January 2011, 4:57 AM

ocPortal 6 beta1 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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Awesome! I shall be taking a look at this ASAP. Congrats on continuing to raise the bar!

One MAJOR question before I jump …

System said

If anyone does (crazily) decide to update their current sites, to get full benefit of the performance improvements new database indexes are required. A script is attached to this announcement that can be uploaded to the ocPortal data_custom directory and loaded up, to create these indices. It may take some time to run, depending on the size of the site.

>> Attachment

WHEN do I do this?
  • BEFORE (upgrade)?
  • AFTER?

Appreciate I'm crazy to do this on a live site, but what the hell … !!




Many OUCHES later, and I've managed to get the site back to something resembling normality.

Too many glitches in the upgrade to enumerate, but here are some of the salient points …
  • Upgrade didn't take - timed out - even after several refreshes of the browser
  • That left me with a broken site and a blank page when trying to re-run the upgrader
  • Downloaded the manual install and FTP'd
  • Wasn't careful enough and overwrote the info.php file on the server …
  • … which meant the only choice offered to me was a clean install

But I've been using ocPortal for some time now and have walked in to these brick walls before, so …
  • Dug out a backed up info.php from a previous (old) installation and edited it
  • Upgrader was happy to cooperate
  • Did a file integrity check, removing all the detritus
  • Did a version update (disappointed it doesn't change the version prefix, but that's for another day!)
  • Opened up the site, and

My 'user-theme' CSS was overwritten by the upgrade which effectively crippled the display!

I am now in the process of (very) slowly doing a diff check and inserting the new CSS properties that comes with this version into my 'user-theme' CSS. It takes time because I have no intention of screwing up my hard-won display by overwriting elements with those built for a default display!

(…part two to follow)


I haven't used the new install sufficiently to comment on any speed increases, but I can see some of the more obvious changes, e.g. the 'breadcrumbing' (sorry for the made-up word) about which I will complain in a later post. Not much of a complaint, but I am seeing breadcrumb navigation where I don't expect it (Front page) and not seeing it where I do expect to (Forum home). More detail on this later.

I ran the new_indices.php, but that too failed …

System said

An error has occurred

Unfortunately a query has failed [ALTER TABLE ocp5_f_posts ADD INDEX in_topic (p_topic_id,p_time,id)] [Duplicate key name 'in_topic'] (version: 6.0 beta1, PHP version: 5.2.15, URL: /anglo/data_custom/new_indices.php)

Expand: Stack trace Stack trace

Any help with this would be appreciated. I am a bit deflated at the moment and the hour is late!

Hi Fletch,

Sorry to hear of these issues.

I have re-uploaded new_indices.php that should fix your problem.

I'm going to see if I can locate the breadcrumb issue on your site. As you can see it's working on here so it's probably some subtle difference, I'm sure it won't be too hard to fix.

As for the time out, I guess this was when uploading the upgrade TAR? Probably in your case it would have been easier to upload the contents of this TAR manually rather than the manual installer, I'll see if we can make that clearer.

As for themes, I wish I could think of a good solution for this one. v5.1beta1 introduced the ability to have themes that don't override all the CSS, but it's a pain to work with because you no longer have everything in front of you to edit. I might make the upgrader give you the option of merging or leaving things. For reference, the upgrader does back up each CSS file changed as a revision of that file.

Hi Fletch,

If like me you exported your theme as a backup when it was completed, you could import it back into this version and probably get an easier crossover with the diff checks.

Just something to consider, as I have no idea if it would help. ;)

 :offtopic: The full editor for this topic, does not work for me at the moment–it does not allow typing.

Fix for breadcrumbs issue if new-style-short-urls not enabled.

» Download: breadcrumbs.php (8 Kb, 424 downloads so far)


If the WYSIWYG error continues please report separately. A couple of you have reported it thus far but I believe it may be related to server slowdown interacting with a ckeditor bug, and the slowdown seems to have been fixed so I think it may have gone now. I wasn't able to reproduce it myself apart from a few days ago. If it happens and there are any errors in the Firebug console please include those in the report.


Chris Graham said

I have re-uploaded new_indices.php that should fix your problem.

Still a few oversights in this file, Chris.

  • Unfortunately a query has failed [ALTER TABLE ocp5_seo_meta ADD INDEX ftjoin_keywords (meta_keywords)] [Duplicate key name 'ftjoin_keywords']
  • Unfortunately a query has failed [ALTER TABLE ocp5_trackbacks ADD INDEX trackback_time (trackback_time)] [Duplicate key name 'trackback_time']
  • Unfortunately a query has failed [ALTER TABLE ocp5_hackattack ADD INDEX h_date_and_time (date_and_time)] [Duplicate key name 'h_date_and_time']

I've tried manually removing the referenced 'INDEX' files from the db, and running new_indices.php, but it gets 'so far' and repeats the errors - as you might expect it would - since it corrected and added the INDEX causing it to fail again.

I could try editing new_indices.php by 'deleting' every INDEX before 'creating' it, but the PHP syntax defeats me somewhat.

What next?

Ah right. I didn't realise but actually ocPortal's been smart here. It ran correctly the first time apart from skipping over the issues that came up as errors. So when you re-ran there were more errors relating to double indexes because it got further than I thought first time around.

i.e. it's all fine now, you're done.


Jean said

… exported your theme as a backup when it was completed, you could import it back into this version and probably get an easier crossover with the diff checks.

The theme is working OK, Jean. However, v.6b1 has brought with it a highly edited global.css which has addressed the new features that have been introduced with this version.

What surprised me is that the install of v.6b1 overwrote parts of my 'user-theme' CSS - not ALL of it - just selective bits that reference a fixed width display.

And that broke my original …


Chris Graham said

I'm going to see if I can locate the breadcrumb issue on your site. As you can see it's working on here so it's probably some subtle difference, I'm sure it won't be too hard to fix.

The new 'breadcrumb' file fixed the small issues I had with the display, so you can consider that a success!


As you can see from the attachment, I really don't want a breadcrumb link on my home page that duplicates the title of the page. It is similar to the "You Are Here" message you get in a shopping mall when you know exactly where you are!

How do I go about (selectively) removing just this one?

Check out the MATCH_KEY_MATCH part of our updated GLOBAL.tpl around the breadcrumbs. That does it already for the updated default theme.

Thanks. Cracked it.

In case somebody is following the thread:

Changed …


to …




If, like me, you have 'Welcome' and 'Site' combined for your start page you will find under certain circumstances that the edited code I posted above doesn't quite fix the problem. It will remove the breadcrumbs for the Site:start page, but not for the Welcome:start page. Here is the amended code to achieve the removal of the breadcrumbs for both 'intro' pages …

Change the following in themes/default/templates/GLOBAL.tpl (and save it to themes/default/templates_custom/GLOBAL.tpl) …


to …



Sorry about the omission, but a 'coder' I am NOT …


Last edit: by Fletch

Thanks Fletch works perfectly! :P

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