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ocGiftgiver by Kamen Blaginov

Downloads: 640
Added: 22 July 2010
Provides the ability for members to purchase a wide variety of configurable gifts and to send them to other members or even to send them themselves. The gifts are configurable by the admin section – gift title (name), gift image, gift price (in points). When a gift is sent to a member it creates a personal topic that describes the gift. Also it places the gift in the list of gifts received by the member in the profile section. Gifts also could be sent an…

Help Urgent - After ocGiftgiver I got no Admin

Yes, I installed ocGiftgiver and after that everything is fine for users, Gift Shop is there on site, but I cannot go to Administration. Every try just give an empty white screen… I'm getting crazy and thinking that I will loose every peace of work already done. Any help?

Please check the FAQ, it talks about white screens in some places – likely it's a memory_limit issue.

Okay, I can try to re-check FAQ about white screens and memory, but i believe that I have 128M as limit and that is too much for just one more addon… I really can't see any screen of Administration, while Users walk as usual for all site.

I must sorry if I don't correct this, but I also have Typo3 and BonnexDolphin under my notebook, ready to be installed. Probably, I'll leave ocPortal :( and I really don't wanted to!

I'll check again everything via FTP direct Edit of all files. My ocPortal is very tunned and probably the addon corrupted a yet before corrupted admin php file…

Thanks for all.

Check your Apache error log. If you get a white screen usually there is something in there. Also data_custom/errorlog.php.

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