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ocBank by Kamen Blaginov

Downloads: 630
Added: 22 July 2010
Members can deposit some of their hard earned points (but not the gift points) into a "bank account" and extract them again only after a month. The administrator can set the interest rate, that users will get with their points back at the end of the account term. To set the Interest rate go to Admin Zone > Setup > Manage point-store inventory and click "edit your point-store configuration" and change the interest rate to the level you would like. To deposit p…

I've only used "Cron" once in my lifetime.

I just added this addon to one of the sites I created.

Do I need to set up a Cron Job for this?

I never really dug into Cron Jobs before, so I'm a noob when it comes to this. Thanks for your understanding…lol

CRON setup (linking ocPortal to CRON) is described in the ocPortal configuration tutorial :). It also says a way to do it even if you don't have real CRON on the server.

I'll read the tut,  thanks. I do have Cron on this server. So hopefully can work things out. I want to use that ocDeadPeople too. That just looks hilarious.

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