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Not sure I'm going to like Mac OS Lion - Comments

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Looks oddly similar

I'm not a mac user, bu I thought I'd comment after looking at that link, on a few things.

1.) I agree, I don't like the Launchpad Idea… and it looks oddly familiar to something that is being done in Gnome 3 and the KDE Searh and Locate Desktop (ie "netbook interface").

2.) The Mission Control looks oddly familiar to the KWIN effect of Present Windows. With a key press or going to a screen edge, you get to see all your programs and such that is open on one screen, that you can easily click to go to and such.

3.) Resume: been doing that for "ages" now in KDE, and I think it might even be an option in GNOME. It is indeed incredibly useful to just shut down and when you restart everything is loaded back for you what you were doing last, even the web pages open, unsaved work restored, and the very last solution added in calculator is there. New, I think not.

4.) Full Screen: Is everything mandatory full screen? I didn't see that. What I saw was the option to go into and remain full screen. That is GNOME Shell type of experience, but probably working better than that. I think it's an alright idea as long as you don't have to go all full-screen. Otherwise I'd agree, simply not a good idea.

Overall, a good read. Thanks for sharing!

As a Mac user, I'm very excited for the features mentioned in Lion.

I've found that any task, be it home, education, or work related, can be achieved with more satisfaction for me on my Mac than on a Windows-PC. Everything about Mac OS seems to be there to make my life easier.

Exposť has changed my life so much. It's an amazing tool that really speeds up my multitasking between the large number of applications that I normally have open at any one time.

I've actually often thought that it could be improved further by grouping the windows of a particular application together, and I'm really glad that Lion seems to have gone this route with Mission Control.

I like the idea of full-screen application modes, but only if it's customisable. I don't want any application to force me into it. For example, I browse iPhoto windowed, but edit it in full-screen. I hope they keep this optional.

Resuming and auto-saving…it's definitely a case of 'why hasn't this been done before'…and also a typical case of 'Apple is the first to do it' (in the mainstream, anyway).

I'm also glad that they're bundling the server into Lion. I'm very keen to take a look at this for my home environment.

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