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This is a spacer post for an ocPortal comment topic. The content this topic relates to: Beta-countdown: May 29th

That section thingummy looks very cool. Does it actually store the data in three separate files, or does the CMS split out the relevant section before showing it to the user?

I guess I'm worried that it could result in HUGE comcode pages being stored on the server and taking up a lot of processing power were someone to, for example, start writing a novel using the section feature to split it into pages ;)

It's actually just done using Javascript. I thought about trying to use it to slice and dice the Comcode, storing portions separately, and then gluing them back together again according to URL… but it just seemed unnecessary. I think when people slice articles up like that they're just doing it for either:
  1. The sake of the user, to make things easily readable chunks.
  2. So they can fit in more ads.
I don't think bandwidth is anything to do with it, because in the end, opening up 10 pages is going to use far more bandwidth than opening up 1 page where the central section for 10 screens is encoded using Javascript. Perhaps in the early 90s where page markup and advertising was much more slimline, but definitely not now.

In terms of processing requirements - well, it would compute it once and cache it all :).

Fair point :)

I guess for 100kb long "pages" then in my above scenario (some of the fan fiction stories on my site are rather large ;)) it might not be a particularly good idea, especially with about 30 pages of that size (and that's just teh text!), but I can see how it would be useful for smaller pages certainly.

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