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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap. Existing ocPortal member accounts have been mirrored.


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This is a spacer post for an ocPortal comment topic. The content this topic relates to: Beta-countdown: May 24th

Sounds fantastic Chris!

So… you can be building a Comcode page, hit preview and not have to leave teh editing screen then? That would be immensely useful as on occasion it's possible for the server to… err… burp… so when you press the back button everything's gone from the content box ;)

Quick question though, why frames and not AJAX and hidden div's?

That's right.

My take on AJAX is that if a frame is more natural, use a frame. All that's happening here is the form is told to post into the frame, and resize the frame, when generating a preview - it's a pretty direct and natural thing.

There is a lot of AJAX in ocPortal 3, just this isn't one of those places.

Ah I see. Since the preview would have to be in a box of some description underneath, you may as well use a frame.

If it was something being typed over the top, or dragged and dropped, then AJAX would be the preferred, fidllyer solution :)

Yep that's right - and we do do what you say in a few places.

Cheers Chris - sounds like this will save a LOT of time on larger pages :)

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